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Added: May 04, 2005
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Card art for Mystical Empire.
While working on this picture I took some screenshots and did a little tutorial. If you are interested to see how this piece was done just follow this link:

As always thanks for your interest and visiting my gallery.
Happy painting Wink

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Guest's picture

I really love your artwork. I was wondering if you might be able to draw an album cover for my band. Also a sleeve tattoo idea using this style of artwork. Which I will pay for both. My email is send me an email if you are interested in doing either lol.

j-art's picture

Hi Keith – WOW! That’s great to hear – I really feel honoured that you like the piece that much. You made my day!!! And again thank you so much for the wonderful work relationship!!!

Guest's picture

This is a fantastic piece and we have chosen it to be the artwork for our Booster Display box as well as the Booster Wrappers! We really love it!

Thank you,

Northeast Games, Inc.

j-art's picture

Haha – heavy metal monks – looooolll – yes I’m sure they are Smile) – what a fabulous comment Adrian, you really made my day – Thanks!!!

hexodus's picture

Another great pice Uwe! Thise are heavy-metal monks I guess Wink

j-art's picture

Nothing to thank for, I have to thank you for your steady support……

Guest's picture

where are your happy lil clouds? Wink

great art as usuall, thanks for the tutorial uwe

j-art's picture

Thanks for the praise Heiko – but master? No not really! However I feel very honored Wink – Thanks my friend!

j-art's picture

Hell Simon, I just saw your latest piece – I’m still in awe, it is my absolute favorite piece from you, great work – for everyone who did not see it yet, you really should go and check it out!!!!
Thanks for stopping by Simon – always much appreciated!

j-art's picture

Nooooooooooooooooo! You are not boring – hell I love your comments!!!! Just keep them coming, they always make me feel soooo good – really!!
Thanks you so much Dani for all your support – THANKS!!!!!

j-art's picture

Ahhh I always feel completely flattered by your comments (just keep them up I really love it Wink
But oh well, I can do wrong Smile) – believe me – lol –
Thanks James for your always wonderful comments, they really keep me going on….

j-art's picture

Noooo, I’m really not that fast Wink – well I don’t know if someone really can learn something from my tutorial – lol – However I’m glad you like the piece, was really much fun doing this one. Thanks Scott!

j-art's picture

Thanks Marley my friend – if it was any helpful than it was worth doing it Smile
And yes I always keep my sketch this way – but sometimes I just change that much while painting that it isn’t any helpful at all – lol -

j-art's picture

Thanks Matthew, you know how much I love your work as well!
Well, I also don’t care about being a digital or a traditional artist (well, you know I am a traditional artist trying to get this digital medium work for me). The reason why I work more and more digital is very easy to explain – money!!! Smile – I don’t feel I am an artist (for me artists are people who do the work I can see in galleries or in museums Wink – well I’m just a little illustrator, so the work I do is for print in most cases. Working digital makes the process of starting with an illustration to give it to the client much faster than if I work traditional. As I never ever gave and give away my originals, no matter how much the client want to have the original Wink – I always do the reproduction of the original myself, means I go to a repro studio (one I work with since a long time to ensure quality!) choose the best of the slides they made and send or bring this to the client. Now this process always takes some time and is not really cheap. This I don’t have to do if I work digital, I just paint the picture and sent the finished file to the client, very easy per e-mail or to download from my server.

j-art's picture

The other thing is, illustration is getting paid worse and worse, especially fantasy illustration – so I really believe if illustrators don’t jump in that digital medium in time, it will be very hard to earn enough money for them if they work traditional – at least IT IS already almost impossible.
Well I don’t speak from the top stars – I’m sure they will have their income – but sadly we can’t be all top stars Wink
It is just like in any other business – if there are new things, you have to learn them to be up to date. So believe me doing digital art now, won’t be the wrong decision in future. Well that’s sure just what I think and I might be wrong Wink
Oh, and besides the money thing, and to make it sound a little less pessimistic Wink – hell I love the possibilities of digital media, and I whish I had discovered it long before!

j-art's picture

Thank you very much Stella

heikowagner's picture

As always a fantastic piece of art Uwe.Thanks for the tutorial.Now i can learn from the master Wink

Guest's picture

Great work again, looks damp and misty. Love those cobwebs, you did well to make them look like cobwebs instead of clouds or something. Good job!

daniela's picture

I’m amazed as always by your work, I always have to stare at your pics for a long time to see everything... anyway, spiderwebs! I’ve got a strange obsession for spiderwebs, and I like these very much, as well as the charachters faces, the settings... (I’m so boring I keep on telling you always the same things but you know I like your art and you already know what I think about it!)

somerset's picture

Ah man, you really can do no wrong, Uwe! marvellous painting, such an atmosphere of eeriness helped by those yellow tints! your details as usual are superb!

sdavis123061's picture

Another fine painting Uwe. Wow, you're really putting these out fast. It must be your excitement with that new Mac giving you all this speed. lol. I'll have to go check out your tutorial I'm sure I can learn from it. Well done!

thrax-1's picture

meant to say learnt heaps from your tutorial.

thrax-1's picture

Uwe!. One of the most "easy to follow" tutorials i have ever seen. I understood everything, congratulations, you explained everything fine ^^. With my latest piece, my technique wasn't too dissimilar, but i learnt heaps. and a great way to preserve the original pencil sketch Laughing out loud. Excellent work Uwe! and thank you very much

mattbradbury's picture

Uwe, I really love this one! and what a geat web site. I had a little look around after reading your tutorial. I've always liked your work from the first day i saw it and it was great to get that little peek at how you do it. Sometimes digital artists don't get as much respect as those who work in oils or water colours but for me an artist, is an artist, is an artist. The skills you need are all the same! Skills that you have!

devilry's picture

Very well-painted, and what a good rendering of spiderwebs! Smile You can absolutely paint with digital, no question about it!

j-art's picture

Hi Rita – thanks for the comment – haha – fastbrush – no not really Smile
Hey did you recognize how elegant I added this cool html link (after editing the info about ten times it really worked at the end) which leads you straight to my very first tutorial (was a real pain in the a.. to do it – but oh well ,maybe someone is interested in). I get better and better with those html tricks Wink – you should see me how proud I am that it really works – hehe –
Thanks again for the comment, always great to read them (think if we are honest we all love those comments Wink)

rita's picture

Hi Uwe, guess with your new "toy" there is also the extra-bonus FASTBRUSH Wink - another great piece

Art at its best.