Mammoth Riders by j-art

Mammoth Riders

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 23, 2005
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Card art for the CCG “A Game of Thrones”…
Started as pencil sketch and colored digital……..

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Smile – Glad you think so, well sometimes my mind goes very strange ways – lol -

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Nice one, Uwe. Armor on the horns - what a great idea! This is a fun one. Smile

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Cool =) /Emma

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Thanks again Dani – this is going to be a good day, cause it seems this is the birth hour of the Jarling Style!!!
Style or not Style, hugs and kisses to you, you are so kind and you really made my day with such nice comments – thanks you so much – oh and if I say Thank you, I mean it.

daniela's picture

I think that there is a Jarling style, because I think that if I see one of your pictures among many other pictures of other artists I can recognize that it is yours( and not just because of the signature, of course)… it’s something about the colours you use, or the way you paint... oh, I can’t explain it, just believe me!

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Hey Kyri! Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate your nice comment very much – and I’m still impressed about your latest upload – what a hammer piece of fantasy art!!!!

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Hey Scott I really would love to see a similar from you – I bet I could learn a lot, as you are the fur master! I really believe no one is able to render fur better than you – so please go for it Wink --- Thanks for the comment my friend.

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Thanks Simon you know your comments are always much appreciated…

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Hi Dani – I really feel flattered about your comment – thanks! Well I do nothing with ease, I really work hard and try to learn new things all the time – yes experimenting is very important to me – I don’t want to stand still with my art. Well, I fear the result about doing so many different things like I do is that I don’t have an own Wink – but anyway if you think there is something like a “Jarling-style” I don’t dare to disagree Smile) – Thanks Dani!

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Hi Bill, glad you like that card art pieces – so good to see you back posting again, and some really awesome stuff you came up lately I might add!

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Thanks for the comment Guest, yeah that’s what I was going for Wink

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Thanks so much James, it’s always sooo good to read your encouraging comments Smile – thanks my friend…

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Thanks for the compliment – and hehe, yes that’s some really evil mammoth Wink

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Thanks Jon, your comment is much appreciated

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Thanks as always Rita, glad you like it Smile

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Love the atmosphere here, great sense of movement and superb colours and detail!! After looking through your gallery I am stunned by the high quality of your work, superb stuff!!!

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Wow Uwe, a very dramatic and powerful painting. It's funny as I was going to try to paint this very same subject matter, but now that I see yours, I feel no need to do so anymore as this is such a great painting. I also like how the shading in your sketch is just as detailed as in the painting. Excellent work Uwe. Smile

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Some serious tusks going on there. Love the movement in this one, and the way the other mammoth fades into the background. And the sky! Super job as usual.

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I like both the sketch and the finished painting. the metal parts are very realistic. you are so eclectic – you draw, paint both digital and in the ‘classic’ way, it’s like you’re at ease with every medium, you can do fantasy art or other things like children book illustration... I guess you experiment a lot, and with excellent results! Jarling-style rules!

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Excellent stuff Uwe, great work you're doing with these ccg cards! Smile

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Yeah, menacing!! Definitely the best word ever said here!!!!!

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Fantastic work, Uwe, cracking dynamic movement, great textures I especially like the metal rendering!

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Great work Uwe!. its very painterly, i admire your developed technique. Fantastic work on the mammoths, they certainly look menacing!. Smile

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Wonderful dynamic image - and the use of depth is superb. I loved the pencil sketch, which I viewed first, and the addition of colour just makes it even better. I love the mammoth's fierce little eye at the composition's centre!

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I really liked your pencil work - but to see it now "finished" with color - is just awesome. Cool work Uwe!!!

Art at its best.