Roving Pillagers by j-art

Roving Pillagers

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Added: Jul 06, 2005
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Another Card art for “A Game of Thrones” – nice guys, aren’t they Wink

See the sketch here:

Medium: Pencil/Digital (Painter 9)
Copyright: Fantasy Flight Games

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j-art's picture

Thanks so much for your comment Patrick, always great to hear from you.
Yes, the payment for those Game of Thrones cards is terribly bad, but for me it is a good way to learn and get more into commissioned fantasy art. You know I worked as an freelance illustrator for about 11 years doing video cover illustrations and illus for advertising agencies – now having a day job the last 5 years gives me the freedom to try my hands on fantasy art. Fantasy art is so completely different than what I did in the past that there is sooooo much to learn for me, you know dynamic, dramatic light, action, movement and so on, so I am thankful to have the ability to work for Fantasy Flight, as they are very easy to work with and it is always so much fun.
Oh and not to forget Epilogue, I learned so much since I am here – and the best there are so many unbelievable Talents always willing to help if I have some dumb questions Wink – well I think you know at least one of whom I’m talking about – hehe – Thanks for all Patrick!!!

megaflow's picture

Great stuff here, Uwe! The detail is just outstanding. I know we don't get paid a lot for doing these Game of Thrones cards, so they are REALLY getting their money's worth on your pieces. Wink

j-art's picture

Hi Dani, always great to hear from you, well this piece took about three evenings (including the sketch work) – if I could paint the whole day, think I could do it in maybe one ore one and a half day (a very long day). Card art is paid not too good (horribly sad to be true) so you have to be very quick doing those kind of illustration – one of the reasons I decided to work more and more digital, it is just faster – not the painting process itself but you don’t have to prepare colors, no drying time, the canvas I wet when you need it wet and dry when you need it dry – well you know, an amazing medium this digital painting Wink

j-art's picture

Hi Kyri, thanks so much for your nice words – well you are the one with the fantastic stuff!

j-art's picture

Hi Marley – thanks for the compliment – well my favorite part in this piece would be if I held the jewels in my own hands ;-)hehe….

j-art's picture

Hi Matthew, I only can give the compliment back – always my pleasure to view your work!!!!!!

j-art's picture

Hey Scott, always great to hear from you - sorry I didn’t answer to your e-mail yet, but currently I don’t know what to do first, but I definitely will Wink.

j-art's picture

Hey Christine, thanks for stopping by and commenting on this one – much appreciated!
Ummm, secrets – no definitely no secrets, if I only would know myself what I’m doing than I could tell you what I do Shock

j-art's picture

Thanks Heiko, glad you think “Roving Pillagers” works this way – thanks for stopping by, always great to hear from you Smile

j-art's picture

Haha – Bodyguards – no problem I sent them to you – just make sure to hide your valuables Wink – Thanks as always for your comment my dear friend (btw. I will make the photo today evening and sent it immediately to you Wink

daniela's picture

Wow… how long did it take? I’s really well done. The charachters look really suspicious, and the setting is awesome. great work!

kyri's picture

Another excellent piece Uwe, great atmoshere!!

thrax-1's picture

More stunning work uwe. These characters are some of the best you've illustrated. My favourite tinge of tone would be the green by the fore characters hand, where the jewels are. Great work!

mattbradbury's picture

Allways a pleaser to see you work, great characters and backgound, beautiful detail, what more can i say!

sdavis123061's picture

I love how you often use backlighting to bring such dramatic emphasis on the characters. Great stuff as usual Uwe, I echo the other comments. Smile

griffingirl's picture

Your commitment to detail is amazing; there's not a single surface untouched! Got any secrets you care to share?? *nudge*

heikowagner's picture

fantastic piece uwe.i like the colors and the characters too.thats your style.
i don´t know what i have done if i had the commission to create a pic calling "roving pillagers",but i think you have done a great job Wink

rita's picture

Uwe - they looks so strong and ugly ;)they could be my bodyguards - if I needed them ha ha ha. Cool background, too!

Art at its best.