Demon Lover by j-art

Demon Lover

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 30, 2005
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Artwork Description

Card art for the CCG „Call of Cthulhu” by Fantasy Flight Games – I always liked H.P. Lovecraft work, so I’m really glad to have the chance to illustrate some pieces for this CCG Smile – hope you enjoy it as well…

Medium: Digital/Painter
Copyright: Fantasy Flight Games

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I am writing about refrencing your work in my art essay, I feel that if i refrence your work in my art essay it will increase the chances of a better grade. Please reply soon as possible. Thankyou.

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you are good!! but your art is disgusting

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hi dimo
thank you in my bek
ok by

j-art's picture

Well Jan – I can only give back your wonderful compliment – YOU are the one with the impressive style!!!! I mean you know I’m a fan of your art, can you imagine how much it means to me when I hear you like my stuff as well!!! Thank you Jan, you are the best!!!
Oh Jan btw. I saw on your Homepage the Links to Juraj Maxon and Martina Pilcerova, well I meet them at Worldcon Glasgow and we spend some time together on the partys – Fantastic People!!! – Just hope to meet you one day in person as well, that would be great!!!

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Thanks so much Heiko – I’m really glad you like it – was much fun to do the piece!!!

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Well Scott my friend I am even more late with my answer – but I’m just arrived back home from Interaction Sci/Fi Worldcon in Glasgow which I was attending. Man I’m still completely in awe, had the chance to talk to people like Michael Wheelan, Allan Lee, and and and – found so many friends in art there – IT WAS A FANTASTIC TIME! Now back home and reading all the wonderful comment in my gallery makes me even more feel good! Thanks for all your support my friend, it really means more to me than you know!

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Hi Marley my friend – always great to receive such wonderful feedback from you

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Thanks Stella – glad you like the way it turned out

patrik's picture

I admire your impressive style Uwe

heikowagner's picture

Great Uwe.I agree whith Scott.The lights and shadows are phenomenal.I like the art you fill the background around the mainscene.Her hair is fantastic and the fabric too.

sdavis123061's picture

I'm a little late with my usual praise this time but better late than never. Man Uwe, this is really exceptional. The way you use light and shadow impresses me so much, and your rendering gets tighter with each new piece. Great color and over-all detail also. This is one of my favorites from your gallery. Very well done my friend! Smile

thrax-1's picture

Squidlicious work Uwe. Truly masterfully handled. The lady in this image is painted so realistically (skin tones especially). That creature rocks ^^. Fantastic effort Uwe

devilry's picture

Whoa, that is one slimy octopus-like demon. Love the mouths on the end of the tentacles, which by the way are tangled in a beautiful composition! Great work, Uwe!

j-art's picture

Hi Dani – well winning the Desktop of the week is sure a great honor to me Smile – at least it is the first thing I ever won with my art other than an Compass I won in basic primary school at an art contest – lol –
Dani and another ting I can tell you is - you have an outstanding eye for art – yes it is based on Fussli’s painting, the artdirector gave me a link to Fussli’s painting and wanted the card art in a similar way – so my job was to do a painting that isn’t too similar, but has at least a bit the same mood, and I think it worked as the client was happy with my piece Wink
Oh and Edgar Allen Poe is for sure first address when it comes to authors of this genre! I sadly just have to less time to read much, so I’m happy that there exist so many Poe movies meanwhile (I love those old B/W movies based on Poe’s novells) – lol –
But NO – I am not a master – but lets talk about that in let’s say 40 years Wink

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with this piece you won the ‘desktop of the week on Dani’s computer’ contest! It’s not much but I just wanted to let you know! H.P.Lovecraft is my second favourite author (the first one is Edgar Allan Poe) and I can’t express with words how happy I am in this moment seeing a painting by you about his stories! And it really reminds me of the painting the nightmare’ by Fussli. YOU ARE A MASTER!

j-art's picture

Haha Matt I just saw your newest piece – well that’s a piece that should have received an ed pic – it is really fantastic!!!! For all who don’t know Matt’s work, check out his gallery, he’s an awesome artist!!!!!
Thanks for the comment pal!!!

j-art's picture

Kirsi always great to receive a comment from you – you know how to make my day – THANKS!!!!!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much my friend – as for the ed pick, think there we can trust the editors, this one is just a little card art illu – I for me just keep on working and maybe one day there will be an ed pick – which would sure be a great honor to me Smile – And you know, and editors pick is sure a fabulous thing, but to get such wonderful comments on my pieces is even more fantastic to me – so thank you again for taking your time and commenting!!!
Btw. Bill I will be attending the Worldcon in Glasgow, now I don’t know how far that is away from where are you located, but if you can make it, it would be fantastic to meet you there and chat a little Wink

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Siravalenta – I’m happy you think so…

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Rita my dear friend, you did tell me Smile – thank you so much!!! – Seems you are really the ANGEL of Epilogue, you always find time to comment on soooo many pieces in here and make people feel good – Epilogue can be happy to have you on board – really!!!

mattbradbury's picture

Oh Uwa this is fantastic!!! I agree with Bill! for me this has editors pick all over it! GREAT GREAT WORK!

kizalon's picture

oh, such a beautiful work Uwe.. I love the little golden light (as always)! Awesome movement and composition in this one, great!

bcorbett67's picture

Fantastic work my friend! I would so love for you to be given a editors pick - it's long overdue in my opinion!

mythmaker's picture

Great piece Uwe! Composition, colour, style... all works for me! Laughing out loud

rita's picture

Great great work Uwe, did I tell you its really great? !!

Art at its best.