Born in Flames by j-art

Born in Flames

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 23, 2005
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One for my own pleasure and hopefully for yours too Wink – Hope you enjoy!

Medium: Digital/Painter

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Guest's picture

I really like that it is an amazing take on the fallen archangel Lucifer

j-art's picture

Awwww, thank you so much Kay!

Guest's picture captured the fantasy cover look with this painting. Perfect.

j-art's picture

Hi Steve Smile – thanks for the compliment, really much appreciated, especially coming from you. But we both know that my work currently can’t compare to Boris’s work, this guy is really pretty amazing, what he can do with the human form is just out of this world.
What I do the last two years is to try and study different digital painting techniques to see which one fits me the best – still not sure as there are always new techniques to explore…
But again thank you so much for your nice words, you made my day – thanks!

sferris's picture

I thought this was Boris! But better!
You are doing some very good works thesedays Uwe!


j-art's picture

Hi Mel Smile - sooo good to hear from you - hope you are well my friend. Thanks so much for the comment and hey, you are already very good!

Guest's picture

This is so powerful Uwe amazing work again,You're a true artist,I dream to be good as you someday ; )-have a nice day-Mel

j-art's picture

Hey thanks for the comment Rachel – hmmm Tarot card – goood idea Wink

j-art's picture

Hey Criss – long nothing heard from you – hope you are well and hope to see something new from you soon!!! It’s a pleasure to hear from you thanks for stopping by my friend!

j-art's picture

Hi Pierre thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for your nice comment. Be sure my lightening isn’t exceptional, I have extreme trouble to get the light right and even more trouble to get a half way dramatic light right Sad - but oh well, I’m working on it Wink. Hey and keep up your fabulous art I just love the colored pencil work you did with the girl (think it is your daughter – congrats) and the wolf!!!

j-art's picture

Scott my friend thanks so much. As for the “classic style” well I love those classic fantasy paintings, so why not paint myself what I love so much to look at! I know as soon as I do one in this style it has this “oh it looks like a Boris painting” effect – but let’s be honest – it does not!!! But YES my goal will be to get someday my painting that good as Mr. Vallejo does, but currently his ART is light-years away from the stuff I am able to create. So time, patience and hard work are currently my best friends to reach my goal…

j-art's picture

Rita --- You are an angel! How do you find the time to do all those wonderful comments to all of us here and being very active in the forum as well – my hats up to you! Without you this community would not be the same . thanks for being here, thanks for all you support, thanks for being you! (And hell I try to get this photo done for you this weekend!!!)

j-art's picture

Tom thank you so much for your wonderful comment – really glad you like it – Thanks!!!

j-art's picture

Marley my friend – even if this piece really doesn’t deserve any Pick I am honored to get the “Marley Pick” . Currently it is more about learning some things by me than to do huge paintings with much detail, so I think on my next pieces (free works – not the commissioned ones) I will concentrate more on how to use light right – get volumes right and to create a believable human anatomy. Think slowly I got familiar with the digital media, how to use it and how to get it work for me, now I don’t have to think any longer about how to get the color on the screen by every piece, now I can concentrate more on the basics of drawing using this wonderful digital media…

j-art's picture

Hi Matt Smile
Man you are too kind, you know how to make me feel good!
Btw. I saw your two pieces you posted in the WIP forum (sorry I didn’t make a comment, but you know I am godawful if it comes to make good critics) – both are very impressive – you are truly a remarkable artist!!!!

Guest's picture

Reminds me of a tarot card. The devil. Its good though.

Guest's picture

Just kidding marley. Yeah, I still lurk around these boards, too ashamed to show my face until I post something new and worthy of Epilogue.
Anyway, I give this a "Marley's Pick" too.
I wish my skills were developing as well as yours Mr. Jarling. Stunning image. Love your use of color and drama. Excellent.
C. Shepard.

carles's picture

Exceptionnal treatment of the lighting, Uwe. Very impressive indeed.

sdavis123061's picture

Wow Uwe, this is just so visually striking! The color work on this really astounds me, so bold and powerful. You say you have problems with lighting? We should all have such problems, lol, I always like the lighting in your paintings as it usually is very dramatic and lends itself quite well to each piece. As I said previously, your rendering gets more detailed and refined with each painting and this is one is no exception, and your style is so definitely "classic" fantasy. I'm always so inspired when I see your work. Well done Uwe. Smile

rita's picture

Uwe, you know, I usually are not a fan of monsters and such - but this painting is SOOO GREAT - like I told you - I love it. And oh my, those horns are too cool Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks for your comments will answer each of your comment as soon as I have time Smile.
Well this isn’t really such a great piece, it was a very quick one just testing some things with light, as I still have huge problems when it comes to light – and I had to do some anatomy changes to get this even approved here Wink – Thank you all so much for all your support – thanks!

portalrun's picture

Fantastic work Uwe!! Great character and love the style, I have to agree with Matt..really strong piece of fantasy art and very well done...

thrax-1's picture

Your absolute best of the best Uwe. Such a beautifully soft detailed environment. And this is a Marley's Pick, (inspired by mr shepards "Chris's pick"). These are the next best things of course XD.

mattbradbury's picture

Pleasure is not the word for what I'm feeling. A truly masterful piece of fantasy art!!

Art at its best.