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Are You A Friend

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Added: Oct 07, 2005
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He isn’t quite sure if he shall trust this tiny worm…

Medium: Digital/Painter
Copyright: Uwe Jarling

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j-art's picture

Hi Patrick, really glad you think so – thanks pal! Well I think, now that I’m a little more familiar with those amazing digital painting techniques, hopefully I can now concentrate a little more on the subject matter and the basics of my paintings, what hopefully will improve my work a little in future…

megaflow's picture

Hi, Uwe! You're certainly using the digital medium to its fullest advantage now. Painter seems like a good fit with you - the layering and textures look grand.

j-art's picture

Hi Kirsi – well, you know I do illustrations for storybooks as well as the “normal” cover illus, so this will be no problem for me. And you also know this “style” thing isn’t really my cup of tea, there are to many things and techniques to explore for me that I currently can’t go for a specific style – maybe it will come with the years, maybe not. So if I achieve another style/technique, which may look like the storybook illus, well that just makes my bandwidth a little richer Wink. However it is soooo much fun using those brushes (sure with some self made tweaks), really to much fun to make not more in this technique – I’m glad you think I should go on as well, your opinion means a lot to me. Thanks for answering my question Smile

kizalon's picture

Absolutely you should continue with Painter's watercolours. - You already master the traditional technique in painting so well that it can only get better from now on =D - The only thing what might be a problem with that medium is that the style can easily look illustration like in story-books or so, you know? But if that's the goal, then it's cool. But it's obvious that those watercolours bring beautiful textures and natural roughness to the pic unlike smooth and highly detailed "normal" digital painting.

j-art's picture

Hi Kirsi, yes again those “watercolors” (well actually just pixels but hey we live in a digital world), so it seems you like this style, do you think I should do more in this technique??? Would be really interested what you think Smile

kizalon's picture

Wow, I didn't notice this before! Excellent painting Uwe! So, watercolours again, huh? It suit you very well, love the brown earthly tones Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Bill, glad you like. Man you new pieces are awesome, sorry didn’t find the time to comment on all of them yet, but be sure I saw them all, really impressive stuff you do lately!!!!

j-art's picture

Soooo true Heiko, if I only had the time to finish all the ideas, concepts and sketches laying around on my hardrive and, or in my desk drawer Smile. Currently I need a break from the commissions and decided to work out some character concepts, less to get them finished than more to practice a little with different painter techniques than the usual one I use. I got some interesting results while testing different techniques lately. So most of my upcoming free pieces are more concepts than actually worked out paintings, but it is so much fun to work fast and loose…
Thanks for the comment my friend!

bcorbett67's picture

I agree with James Uwe, the textures are beautifully done! Smile

heikowagner's picture

Nice picture Uwe,I like the title Wink and the brown wood textures including the roots,the creature has a interesting facial expression refer to the worm,sometimes a harddrive is like a casket with many beautiful things

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Scott. As already said the sketch last a long, long time now on my harddrive and it really had to be done now. So many things to do and so less time. Glad you like the piece!

j-art's picture

Thanks again Rita, your comments are always a gift to me (what would this gallery be without you, you are truly the spirit of Epilogue!) – Thanks for all my dear friend!!!!

j-art's picture

Hi James, thanks for stopping by – as already explained to Malcom, I got the textures using those watercolors in Painter – they are unbelievable fantastic and act really like real color. I never will understand how people are able to program such stunning software which simulates natural media that well (umm, on the other hand I never will understand computers in general – lol). Thanks for the comment my friend!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Malcolm, the sketch for this piece last a very long time on my harddrive, now as I currently try other techniques in Painter (the digital paint program I mostly work with) I thought I would be a good idea to finish this piece. Glad you like the textures they mostly happen by accident using the Painter watercolors, think there will be more pieces like that in future, maybe not the subject matter but I definitely will do more using this technique. Still playing around with digital media and still not sure in which direction I will go concerning style and technique – but oh well, I have time finding my own style, at the moment it is far to interesting trying new things digitally so that at the moment I don’t want to limit myself to a specific style or something like that.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting this piece, you know I’m a big fan of your work!

sdavis123061's picture

A quite imaginative painting Uwe, and as always your rendering is very well done. A very interesting piece.

rita's picture

Again a wonderful work Uwe, love the light.

somerset's picture

Ah, marvellous, Uwe, your textures are stunning!

fantasist's picture

Another wonderful picture. I love the background texture and the limited colour scheme. I also enjoy the sense of humour.

Art at its best.