Blood Moon by j-art

Blood Moon

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Added: Oct 08, 2005
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Character Concept.
We all know the moment from those neat werewolf movies when nice guy turns into beast, so I thought I catch this moment in one of my paintings Wink.
This time done using Painters oil colors. Hope you enjoy…

Medium: Digital/Painter
Copyright: Uwe Jarling

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Guest's picture

this is just amezing,i mean WOW!!!!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much John, well I don’t actually think Your amazing pieces look digital, however I’m really glad you like what you see here Smile. What I like the most on my latest pieces is that all the texture that might be in are not added later with layering textures or something like that, all the textures really happen while painting I found (and created) some really amazing brushes in painter which made it possible to show brushstrokes or giving cool textures by accident – a real joy to paint with them. Slowly I really get the digital medium work for me, so I can concentrate again on the basic things on drawing/painting where I have to learn the hell of a lot!!!

jeshannon's picture

Really love your work Uwe ! it just amazes me how painterly it always looks, i have to look twice where at says "Medium" to see that it really does say digital. Well you've inspired me to try out painter, cheers !

j-art's picture

Hi Heiko – NO, no paper texture, all the texture you see happened while painting using the Painters oils. I used the same brush for the whole piece, just different sizes, don’t know how the brush is called in English, in the German version of Painter it is called “Borstenpinsel”. If you use smaller brush sizes you have to set the element (hope it is called the same in the English version) setting to 1 or 2, using bigger sizes and very big sizes you can set the element setting up to 20, this gives a nice structure as you see it in the picture, just like real brushes would do. Also I did not use any blender in this one, usually I heavily tend to blend colors, but here I tried not to do it. The only other brush I used is the watercolor brush for the red/blood in the upper part of the picture. This piece was more a test than actually a painting and was done pretty fast (at least for me pretty fast as I normally work very long on a painting), the whole procedure took me about 5 to 6 hours. Hope that answers your question.

j-art's picture

Thank you sooooo much Rita, good you mentioned his pain, that’s at least a thing I wanted to show with this piece. Not only the scary werewolf, more the pain of the human being while tuning to beast…

j-art's picture

Hey Christine really glad you like the piece Smile

heikowagner's picture

Cool pic Uwe.Do you use a special texture for the paper?

rita's picture

Like how you captured the pain of this creature.

griffingirl's picture

I second that, Pierre...great job, Uwe! I do love me a good werewolf...

j-art's picture

Haha Pierre, yes sure it is one of my fav movies. But the reason I did this piece was just cause I had the sketch finished laying around on my harddrive and I currently want to test some other techniques in Painter (the software I use for painting). It is actually not really a polished painting, just a concept and technique exercise. To be honest I didn’t think it will make it into Epilogue, due to the fact that it is not really polished, more a pretty rough painting. But know what, it was extremely much fun to do and it took me only a few hours to finish and that’s really not usual for me, I general I need far to much time to finish a piece. While working on this I always said to myself “NO DETAIL, NO DETAIL, NO DETAIL, NO DETAIL, and well, it worked – lol –
Thanks for stopping by my friend!

carles's picture

Now, you MUST be a fan of John Landis's "An American Werewolf in London", aren't you Uwe ? That movie is among my favorite too. Smile
Great pic. I love the idea of blood dripping from the trees like moss: a sort of visual counterpart to the werewolf's psychic state, when bloodthirst starts taking hold of his mind.

Art at its best.