Angel And Demon by j-art

Angel And Demon
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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 21, 2005
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Artwork Description

Who said Angels and Demons couldn’t fall in love with each other? No heaven without hell, no good without evil, no love without hate…

Medium: Digital/Painter
Copyright: Uwe Jarling

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queenofchaos's picture

Awesome work!

Guest's picture

cool pic, lovely rendering.

Guest's picture

That's great, the contrast between the exaggerated form of the devil and the hair of the angel is a nice touch. Keep up the good work.

sdavis123061's picture

Interesting concept Uwe, one which I think plays out in the real world where good and bad people are sometimes attracted to each other. Incredible detail and rendering of the demon, and your lighting is superb as always. I also like the border which surrounds and sort of symbolically holds them together. Great work Uwe! Smile

fantasist's picture

Wonderful work, Uwe. The lighting is brilliant, as are the figures and the textures of the background.

carles's picture

Great piece Uwe. I saw the close-up you linked to in the WIP, and was so amazed by the "brush-strokes" texture. It does not quite pass through this low-resolution picture, though.Too bad, at high resolution it must be astounding. But seeing the cropped part in the WIP, I would never have guessed what was in the bottom part ... Smile

frodo's picture

Great work Uwe! what the demons holding meant to be ambiguos..ha

thrax-1's picture

intense detailing Uwe Wink. Fantastic lighting for the angel, It's quite a contrast to look at, especially with the rather organic frame work. Awesome work alround.

j-art's picture

Thanks Christine, I posted a detail of this piece in the wip forum where it was about texture, the picture was not finished as I posted the detail but anyway if you are interested in a close-up of this piece here is the link –

j-art's picture

Hi Rebecca – thank you so much for your nice words – thanks!!!

j-art's picture

Thank you Guest

j-art's picture

Thanks Johanna, really glad you like it Smile

j-art's picture

Hi Matt, wow can’t believe that Epilogue let me answer to your fabulous comment, I would have commented on your latest pieces, but lately it is a pain in the a.. to make comments here, or to reach his member homepage to answer comments. However, man how did you find the time to do all those incredibly awesome card art pieces you posted, I love each and every one of it, you really know how to do that mech stuff, really great work!!!
Oh, now to your comment, well it was really no problem to do that body, I just took myself for reference – bwahaha………… thanks for stopping by, seems you have less problems with browsing the Epilogue gallerys – is it only me or is Epilogue slow or even not reachable by anyone else too???

chrissyk's picture

Wow! That it so cool! Fantastic job on his body! Smile

goddessart's picture

Wow Uwe! This is absolutely fabulous work! So very sexy...


Guest's picture

Fantastic..... Very impressive...!

joanna79's picture

Wonderful composition, Uwe! Like the idea of contrasts...i.e. light and dark, good and evil etc.

mattbradbury's picture

Wow Uwe, this is really good, The demons body is just superb! Looks just like mine was in my youth, well ok not really LOL! Great work Uwe!

j-art's picture

Again THANKS!!!!! Smile

rita's picture

Cool work Uwe ;-D

Art at its best.