Ranger Scout by j-art

Ranger Scout

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Added: Nov 22, 2005
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Card Art for A Game of Thrones

Medium: Digital
Copyright: Fantasy Flight Games

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j-art's picture

Sorry, but no you can't use the picture. The copyright is by Fantasy Flight Games, it is absolutely forbidden to use the image.

Guest's picture

can i use this picture in a card i'm creating. i will give full credit

j-art's picture

Hi Dani, great to hear from you again, I bet it is hard without internet connection, I think I couldn’t exist without the internet as most of my jobs currently come from the internet, it really has become very important to me, wouldn’t know what to do if I ever loose my connection :-O…
Well, I don’t think there is much improvement to see in those card art pieces as they have to be done always very quick, one of the reasons I want to do more free works in future as there is no deadline and I can really work them out, but let’s see Wink
Thanks for your comment my friend.

j-art's picture

Hi Patrick always a special pleasure to hear from you, hope your freelance business is doing well. Well, I have the same problems concerning looking at the galleries, but the days are just to short to do all things we want to do. Oh, and yes you are right about the very short deadlines for those card art pieces, but I still like to do them as they keep me busy and they are very good to learn some things, but I think I will do less of them next year and do more complex free works. Well, let’s see…
Glad you think the multi source lightning in this piece works Smile.

daniela's picture

hello Uwe, I've just seen your latest work (the last 7 pics of your gallery) and I think they are great! you are always improving, very nice work!D.

megaflow's picture

I don't get to look at the galleries nearly enough these days - it's always good to see what you're up to! Very good detail and multi-source lighting, and on a time constratint as I know (with the card art). Nice work as always.

j-art's picture

Wow, thanks Simon, if you think the light works somehow, than it seems i really did something right Wink. Hope to be able to do some more complex pieces in future, those card art pieces always have to be done very quick and due to the tiny size one can't put as much detail in it. Think i will do some more free pieces the coming year and less comission work, so i can do some more complex stuff Wink - let's see...

j-art's picture

Thank you Nathan!!!

j-art's picture

Thank you Malcolm, you comments are much appreciated, glad you think the atmosphere workes Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks Heiko, yes always fun to do those card game pieces.

j-art's picture

Hi Jan, always a honor to get some feedback from you - thanks so much!!!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Scott, much appreciated Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Rita!!!

Guest's picture

I'd recognise that lighting anywhere. Another great piece, very atmospheric - that's what artwork is all about. Nice job.

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another excellent piece!

fantasist's picture

Brilliant work as always, Uwe. The contrast between the moon and lamplight is excellent, and creates a really effective atmosphere.

heikowagner's picture

Great Uwe,i agree with Scott-the way you bring cold and warm colors in one picture is fantastic,the lightning is always good Wink,Fantasy Flight Games can be happy that they have an artist like you on board,card art is one of your pleasures!?!!I think so....

patrik's picture

congratulations, Uwe - superb

sdavis123061's picture

Great work again Uwe, man your lighting and the way you use warm and cool colors on opposite sides of a figure is always so excellent, it really adds to the drama of each painting! Another fantastic one my friend, well done! Smile

rita's picture

FANTASTIC - love the eyes behind Smile Wink and your lighting is awesome as always

Art at its best.