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Added: Jan 06, 2006
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Seems those two brave heroes are going to have some real trouble…

Still playing around with textures, just doing some quick pieces and having lots of fun.

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Hey, thanks Walt! This was a pretty quick one and extremely much fun, just for the pure joy of painting. Well sometimes such pieces turn out much better as the highly refined ones Smile. So glad you like it!

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This one is wonderful, Uwe. Very passionate and strong!

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Hi James, thanks so much for stopping by Smile. Well i don't think this piece is really good, but it was like a therapy to do it, just for the joy of painting Smile

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And it was the hell of of a fun to do this piece Smile. Thanks for the comment my friend!

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Hey nothing to apologize, was a great comment, I love to know how other artist think, and well, you’re right Wink

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Thanks for the comment Dani, was sooooooo much fun to do this piece Smile

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“there's a lot of snobbery attached to traditional media like its some sort of higher art form. but the person creating the art on computer is still the same artist but with a larger set of brushes and equipment”
That’s so true, I think you are absolutely right with your opinion, I have to know it as I am one of those who thought as well traditional media is really art and digital is, well, digital. But as now working digital myself I had to change my mind, hell, I still can’t get my digital pieces right, and it IS the same hard work as if you paint traditional, just as you said you now I have a larger set of brushes and equipment.
I remember the time when I started with the airbrush, there was the same general opinion, airbrush isn’t really art, you have to use brushes and have to have contact to your canvas, only than you are able to create real art – well that was some year back, now airbrush is art, and digital art is the thing that isn’t really art – lol.
Just wait some more years and it will be completely normal for artist to use the digital medium, and discussions if digital is art or not will be past Wink.

Fantastic comment, thank you, always great to know a little about other ar

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Awesome work, Uwe, you get better and more amazing with each new painting! WOW!

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I like this one best out of the two Uwe, glad to see you enjoying yourself Smile Art should be fun Smile

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hey uwe,
sorry about the monologue before
had a stressful day.
keep up the great work,

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I think it is about 15 minutes I am staring at this painting... the light/shadow contrast is amazing, you did a great job, really! I like the characters too.

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nice work uwe,
i agree with you, now you are working digitally, this is the tool you are working with and not natural media.
so revel in it. i am 100% digital now myself and have a whole new approach to working a piece. i see using a computer as using a different set of brushes.i used to work in natural media for 10 years profesionally and i've been working digitally for 5.
in the last 5 years i have produced more creative and interesting work that i like. there's a lot of snobbery attached to traditional media like its some sort of higher art form.
but the person creating the art on computer is still the same artist but with a larger set of brushes and equipment.
i love trad art and have a lot of respect for the artist who can create
stunning work with it.
but there you go digital art is what it is. its down to the artist at the end of the day.
well thats me off my soap box.
take care uwe again nice couple of pices.
take care,

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Hi Simon, thanks for your kind and always encouraging and honest words, much more appreciated than you may know – thanks! As for the "traditional look" thing, well I now paint 90 percent digital and don’t work much traditional anymore. If I really want a completely traditional looking piece, well I just should dig out a canvas and some stiff traditional colors and start a piece. What I want to say is, I don’t care about any longer if a digital created piece looks somehow digital, well, at least it IS digital Wink, not more not less. I just don’t like these too much plastic looking pieces, but this is just my personal taste and doesn’t mean they are bad. To be honest, meanwhile I love working digital much more than working traditional, it is a whole new world of painting, I am free to try everything I want, and I do so. Digital helped me a great deal to loosen up. Those two pieces were done just for my own pleasure and the fun of painting, I got completely wild while doing them, just thrown in textures over textures and didn’t care about details. Images like this aren’t meant to be great masterworks, just a quick idea turned quick into a painting and having extremely much fun doing so.

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Thanks Heiko, glad you think it looks “traditional”, it wasn’t really intended, this piece was just done for the pure joy of creating something different Smile.

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Yes, for me those pieces was really quick, not longer than an evening for each and that’s pretty quick for me as I tend to work much to long on a piece. Those pieces was done completely for the fun of creating.

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Cool,this looks to 100% like a traditional painted picture.I like the colors...

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Two great images, Uwe. Your textures are really coming along. Like me, you want to achieve a more traditional look, and I think you are definitely succeeding. I doubt there are many people who could truthfully say they recognise this as digital. The only suggestion I would make is to tighten up *slightly* on the detail on the focus of the images, i.e. the main characters, whilst keeping the rest just like it is. Top class work, keep it up!

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Quick pieces???? Uwe, this is wonderful. Love the poses and the light! AND of course the textures..

Art at its best.