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Back At Mage Tower

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Added: Nov 13, 2006
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A free work and pure fun to do.

Lately I browsed the Vue galleries over at Renderosity, this inspired me that much that I wanted to try Vue (a 3d application) myself again, I did some fun pieces using this program some years ago. The last years I did most of my work digital but didn’t use much 3d apps and painted digitally as I would do it traditional. For this piece I dig out my old Vue4 and started playing around with it and created this nice background 3d, can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it, really much fun.
However I took the background into Photoshop did some color corrections till I was satisfied, took the whole piece into Painter and had a great detailed Landscape to start from. I painted over the piece to get a more painterly look (the renders directly out of Vue are too realistic for my taste). Only a few hours later I had a really cool looking background, than I just painted in the knight and his dragon which took a few more hours and I had a nice looking fantasy piece. The whole procedure only took two evenings, one evening playing around with Vue and having really much fun doing so, another evening for postwork and adding the figures.
Well for 2d purists this piece may be crap as it is not realy completely painted, but for those interested in getting quick some cool looking results this technique my be of interest. It really saved me a lot of time, if I had to paint a landscape like that, it would take me days and days.
Hope you enjoy looking at it as I really enjoyed it enormously doing it Smile.

See a bigger version here:

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Thanks so much Jan Patrik, always a pleasure to get a comment from you my friend!

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Thanks a lot Matt! Your comments are always very much appreciated! Well I used 3d Max as well (long time ago), but only for architectural illustrations, but to be honest using 3d Max is not really much fun as it it very complicated Wink. BUT I found (as well a long time ago) a program called Vue, it is a Landscape generator with unbelievable possibilities and easy to use with fast and great looking result, pure fun to play with. Recently I saw some work done in the new Versions of Vue- I was blown away by the results, so I updated my version to the newest (Vue 6 Infinite) and now I have a really powerful program with endless possibilities. I’m sure I will use it more often now at least for creating some of my backgrounds. We’ll see, at least I have lots of fun playing around with the program, maybe I will do a 3d gallery on my private homepage where I can post some pure 3d work created with this tool.

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Wow, thanks so much for your encouraging words my friend!

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Hi Pierre. Well I only whish I would be better at using 3d software as it really is so much fun. AND the very best thing is when I create a landscape or whatever 3d it is MY creation completely out of my imaginary and not only a odd copy of y already existing landscape on a photo. Well using 3d is very different from painting 2d but it is a really fantastic creative process to create something 3d. Once you created something you can look at it from ever point in the 3d space, extremely interesting, It really opens new horizons.
I think I will use it more often now for my pictures, just need to find a way to make the 3d part the same looking as the 2d part, a new challenge Smile which promises a lot of fun Smile.

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Hi Malcolm, I don’t care about the method of creating a piece as well, BUT I definitely prefer to create my own landscapes 3d than to just copy/trace it from a photo. At least so it is my landscape which no photo can take Wink. Glad you like Smile

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Thanks so much my dear friend!

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Wow Uwe - amazing and exciting space of magical light

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Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous! This is stunning! Love the colours.... I've never used any 3D programmes to help in creating 2d art. I have tried studio Max but just couldn't get the hang of it. sometimes I feel it's to easy to spot but what you've done here, using it as just a base to work from has really worked incredibly well. I wouldn't have guessed in 1000 years. Great work Uwe!

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love it uwe. instantly recognizable as your work, and very satisfying to linger over. your stuff always gives off a great vibe.

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This picture is wonderful! The colours are unbelievable beautiful and the dragon...
I love it!

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Well Uwe, this is how I like 3D work. You created a solid base, and then added your personnal touch to it, and the result is brilliant as usual.

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I love the result, whatever method you used to achieve it, Uwe. The textures and lighting are, as always, brilliant.

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Man O man!! Fantastic work as always, Uwe! your lighting and colours are just simply STUNNING! another superb triumph my friend Smile

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Thanks so much Rita, yes always great to have some fun Wink.

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Cool work, Uwe! Glad you had some fun Wink

Art at its best.