Majestic Dignity by j-art

Majestic Dignity

Artwork Stats

Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 26, 2006
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Artwork Description

Just felt the need of doing some high fantasy art again, and what would be better than a strong and beautiful unicorn :-)…

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rita's picture

Second attempt to leave a message
- because your work is GREAT

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Jan Patrik, you know your opinion means a lot to me...

patrik's picture

Hi Uwe, this is graphically nice and clean work.

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Rebecca! If it really turned out somehow “magical” I achieved what I wanted. Always great to hear from you!

j-art's picture

Thanks my friend, glad you like it, haha, seems that my quick pieces always turn out better than the ones I spend a lot of time, this one was done at one evening.
Btw. I’m still in awe by your latest uploads – awesome stuff you did there!!!

goddessart's picture

Absolutely beautiful Uwe. Magical.

Guest's picture

Superb, Uwe, one of your best. It is the mark of an excellent artist when they can take a simple subject and make an impact with it (and I'm hoping it allows my comments on this one!)

j-art's picture

Thanks Matt, yes I had a wonderful Christmas, hope yours was fabulous as well Smile. Glad you like the piece was just a quick 2d one between all the3d stuff I currently try to learn. I wanted to post my first ZBrush (a 3d application) picture with this one as well. But somehow the upload doesn’t work proper, always when I try to upload it, only the half thumbnail appears, maybe I can get a proper upload soon as I would love to know what people think about the 3d tests I currently do.
Thanks for stopping by my friend, always great to get some feedback from you. Well I for myself am a little behind with commenting as I really need all the time I can get to get this damn 3d stuff into my old brain Smile))

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Uwe, hope you had a good Christmas!.... This is beautiful, they really fantastic piece of work!

Art at its best.