Demonic Evocation by j-art

Demonic Evocation

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Added: May 13, 2007
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Free Work, mainly done to test some new techniques, and sure for my own and hopefully as well for your pleasure Smile.

The main difference to my other work is that I didn’t start this piece from sketch, I started this piece from sculpt. Lately I love to work with ZBrush more and more, sculpting my figures 3dimensional than to only do a 2 dimensional sketch is a pretty new working experience.
However as my work is mainly for cover art or things like that and not for animation or things you really would need a 3d model, I just use the models currently as a grayscale base for my painting.

However, software used for this piece:

Anyone interested in the process of this “painting” or want to see some close ups, can have a look at the tutorial.
Just click on the tutorial link:

Demonic Evocation Tutorial

Thanks for looking and happy painting

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anawi's picture

Wow!This is fantastic work, I love it!

j-art's picture

Hi Steve!!!
Sorry I’m not being around much lately, but work got really crazy the last time. Don’t have much time to experiment with ZBrush but I defiantly want to do more with it in future. It is the first program that allows me to sculpt 3d very easily, it like sculpting with clay, really cool. You know sketching with a pencil is always very stiff, sculpting 3dimensional allows you to look at your creation from each angle which I find very cool and much fun to do.

Thanks so much for stopping by my friend. How are you doing? Is there some new fantasy art from you to look at, I’m not really up to date right now as I didn’t browse the internet much lately. Just let me know if you have some new stuff, would love to see it, you know your art is always inspirational to me!

sferris's picture

Hey Uwe. Great Work! I see you're using ZBrush! Good tools! Keep it up,

fantasist's picture

I really love this piece, Uwe. The mixture of horror and sly humour is great, and the textures, colour and lighting are, as always with your work, brilliant.

somerset's picture

FANTASTIC, Uwe, excellent textured paint work, beautifully 3D!......gave me a fright! Laughing out loud

griffingirl's picture

What a cutie! *grin*

jeshannon's picture

Fantastic picture and even more fantastic tutorial, cheers i learnt so much from it.

j-art's picture

Hi Pierre, yes you are right you already commented on this one, thanks so much for commenting again. Well I had a picture link in my picture description, Chad wrote me that he don’t really want that and if I probably could change that. He just deactivated it till I got the description without the picture link. But than somehow we couldn’t manage it to reactivate the picture again, so Chad told me that I just should upload it again Smile. So here it is again Smile.
But hey at least I got the chance to receive two comments from you on one of my pieces – lol.
Thanks so much my friend!

j-art's picture

Thank you so much!!

j-art's picture

Thanks again Rita Smile

carles's picture

I'm a bit at a loss here: I thought I had seen this picture in your gallery before, and even commented on it. And there it is again. Did you change something and reload it ? Still cool anyway.

Guest's picture

fantastic ArtWork Uwe! superb...

rita's picture

Just so cool!

Art at its best.