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Mister Death

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Added: Mar 24, 2008
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I decided to not work on any commissions over Easter to relax a little. What could be better to relax a little from painting than painting, haha. Well I opened a test render I did for a earlier work from me (timemachine) and just wanted to try some brushes in Photoshop, those who know me will know usually paint using Painter. I already did another piece (lost in space) using only photoshop for the painting process and I was extremely amazed by the result I got with some custom made Photoshop brushes. To make a long sentence short, this is my second attempt to use only Photoshop for painting and what shall I say, I like the result a lot, I got again a very nice painterly look. After years using only Painter for painting I’m fascinated by the control I have with the Photoshop brushes, I sure will use Painter in future as well for my digital paintings as there are still some things I can only do in Painter. BUT I definitely will use Photoshop for my digital paintings more and more.

However what you see above is the result of my playing around with Photoshop brushes, I really just wanted to play around a little but finally I had the finished painting you see above. The whole procedure took me the whole Easter Monday minus the time I spent for eating sweets and Easter eggs Smile.
Now I would love to know what you think about the piece, do you think Photoshop works for me or should I better go back and use Painter again, I’m really unsure about what to do, so give me your thoughts…

Thank you all so much for taking your time and looking at my stuff

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Glad you enjoyed my work, always great to hear some people like what i do :-)- thank you so much!

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These images are really amazing! I really have enjoyed going through your gallery. Dean

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real cool,reminds me of the old gohst rider

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You are so very welcome i wish to see more AMAZING ARTS from you very soon i cant waite to see more. i have a question.... have you ever tried painting with music then try painting how that certain song makes you feel... i have and i draw some crazy stuff..... you should try it
from: JENNY......... kisses and big hugs Laughing out loud

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Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments Jenny, it's much appreciated, you made my day Smile

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JENNY...... photoshop definately work for you
dont doubt your self or anything you do stay confident on every thing you do and a good result will come from that.
trust me i should know but other than that like i said before awsome work

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Thanks Leonardo, glad the traditional painting look came across Smile

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the image is amazing! seem to be a traditional painting so..I think photoshop is a good choice Smile

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Malcolm you know how much I admire your work, so a comment from you is always very special to me. Thanks so much my friend, glad you like the piece.

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Hi Jeff thanks for stopping by, you have some awesome new stuff!

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Till now I used Photoshop only for color corrections and/or picture publishing, never for painting, but this definitly will change in future Smile. Thanks for commenting.

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Uwe, this is a great piece of work, and you have certainly achieved the painterly look which I have always admired in your pieces. The use of limited colours and brilliant lighting makes this a masterpiece as far as I am concerned.

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Bravo Uwe. I love the composition and the muted tones. You control the viewer's experience like a pro (duh).

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hi! first - this picture is amazing! i love it! ...and easter is always good spent with painting instead of boring family meetings. i did the same. Smile
i have the same issue - i can´t decide between painter and photoshop too - i switch often. Smile keep up the good work!

Art at its best.