Organic vs. Mechanic 1 by j-art

Organic vs. Mechanic 1

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 08, 2009
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Artwork Description

First of a series (at least I hope it will be a series, if I find the time to do more) called “Organic vs. Mechanic”. The idea was simple to show the conflict between human technological advance and nature.

The picture was created using Zbrush (3d application) and postwork in Photoshop.
Here you can see a render of the image with only one material as it comes from Zbrush:

Here is the same image with depth applied:

A detail of the final image:

Another detail of the final image:

Hope you like this kind of art using 3d as I sure will do more stuff like that in future, I enjoy it enormously using Zbush as a tool to create art, if is extremely creative to work with Zbrush and it offers very new ways to create art. But no sorrow I sure do my 2d painted images as well in future Smile.
Hope you like thanks for looking…

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j-art's picture

Glad you like my friend, well ZBrush is just great to add as much detail as you want due to it's pixol technology. Currently I'm just playing around with it as I didn't find a way to use it for my comercial work at the moment, but it's just too much fun to ignore the possibilitys of this software...

fantasist's picture

This is really impressive work, Uwe. I am fascinated by the stages from monochrome without depth to the finished product, and by the amount of detail.

j-art's picture

Hi Matt, glad you like the piece Smile, yes i LOVE to play around with ZBrush, sculpting is somehow more fun than sketching, sadly i just don't have enough time to play with the programm as much as i want to.

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Uwe, that's amazing! ......I had a go with Z-brush once and all i could manage was a lump which looked a little like a face if you used your imagination : ) what you have done just staggers me!

j-art's picture

Thanks a lot Bill! It's really fun to work in ZBrush and a nice break from my 2d stuff Smile...

bcorbett67's picture

Cool picture Uwe, love the little mechanical details.

Art at its best.