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Added: Jan 07, 2010
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This is my first public upload in 2010, I know wasn't much around last year, but I had such a lot to do that I just ran out of time to be active in the online galleries. However I hope this will change this year as I don't want to do that much comissions this year, well, at least this is the plan Smile)), let's see if it works Smile.

Ok, I did a bunch of illustrations for the Rolemaster Rulebooks published from “13 Mann Verlag (13 man publishing)” here in Germany. As it is seldom enough that you can do cool fantasy art for German publishers and the guys for 13 Mann Verlag are really nice people I wanted to do some good looking pieces. The problem only was the budged, they are a small publishing house so they couldn't spent too much for an illustration (still more than you get for most CCG art pieces). To make it short I wanted to do some really complex looking illustrations even for less money, but I couldn't spent to much time for them.
For this reason I decided to work mainly 3d using Poser and Vue. It helped a lot, Vue was awesome to get cool mass scenes in no time using some poser figures I posed in Poser as eco system in Vue. Than I just added some DAZ stuff and voila the illustration wwas more or less done. At the end I brought the whole things into Painter and did some (OK, OK, not just some) over-painting here and there to give the whole thing a bit more painterly look .
I'm extremely satisfied with the results (the client by the way as well, I got great praise from the publisher).
I never had been able to do something like that in such a short time if I worked only 2d and had to sketch and paint all the things.

Ok you see the result above, I really would be interested what you think. Do you like it even there is so much Poser and bought DAZ stuff obviously involved in the illustration? Give me your thoughts!

To all I didn't speak before, have a great 2010!


Using this image for whatever is strictly prohibited!
Copyright: 13 Mann Verlag

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Glad you like, hope weverything is well with you!

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I really like this picture, Uwe - full of action and movement with your usual great lighting, and I particularly like the distinctive architecture in the background.

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Hey Dean, hope everything is well with you, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the piece Smile

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Hey Uwe, this is a piece to be proud of. It looks very impressive at the size it is posted. I think it was a success...especially since you wanted to please the client and they had limited funds! I think you did a good job of overpainting "Poser" look. Poser figures are so hard to disguise, as their faces and poses seem to have a distinctive look about them. Anyways, good job, and I hope to see more of your stuff in the future.

Art at its best.