Watching you... by sdavis123061

Watching you...

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Added: Mar 30, 2004
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This is meant as a companion piece to the Sasquatch painting already up in my gallery here. I wanted to do a closer point of view where I could better detail the face and hair. I decided to make it a night scene as many reports show quite a bit of nocturnal activity by the creatures. I decided to do the eyes to reflect witness reports that sometimes describe the creature as having "glowing red eyes". I may continue this Bigfoot theme in some more paintings in the future as reading the huge number of witness sightings has given me many ideas for more artwork. PhotoShop/Painter/Wacom/several hours.

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I found your Sasquatch portrait by accident on Cryptomundo, which of course caused me to rush to Google to find more of your work. Seldom does one ever see such perfect wildlife and crypto art--only the great Robert Bateman that I can think of. Keep it up!

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hey Scott, it's me, Mike EasternBigfoot2. I am really impressed with ALL of your work!

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Thank you Renata, and thanks to your friend as well! An artist can receive no finer compliment than knowing that his/her art has inspired someone else. I remember leaving a comment on your "Enchantress of the Magic Garden" piece here in your Epi gallery, so please know that your art has inspired me also. Thank you for commenting. Smile

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A friend of mine sent me your link..telling me to check out this AWESOME ARTIST....I am glad he did...because your work is gorgeours and inspiring to me!

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Thanks very much. I've always liked this piece and was a little surprised it never got more comments. No, I wouldn't want to meet him either, day or night, lol. I'm glad you like the series, I've enjoyed painting them and I may do more at some time in the future. Thanks for commenting Libbi. Smile

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I love your Sasquatch series.. especially this one... i sure wouldn't want to meet him out at night. Keep up the good work!


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Thank You Alan, your comments are most appreciated. Yes, I generally like to do pretty heavily detailed backgrounds most of the time. For me I feel it just adds more to the piece when the background is as detailed as the subject. I like this piece too, although sometimes it creeps me out a little to look at it. lol. Thanks for commenting.

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Man, you put a lot of detail in your work! I really like this piece the best. The coloring is mysterious and the contrast with the eyes really shows the expression of the beast!
And thanks for the welcoming Smile

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Yeah, I do have a pretty strong interest in the subject. LOL I do have some other things I'm going to paint it's just that I'm having fun doing these right now and people seem to enjoy them. Thanks for the compliment on the painting and for commenting.

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I can se u have an obsecsion with sasquatches hehe...very cool! I can almost hear him growl! hehe good job!

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Thank you Yvonne. I'm sure you've noticed by my comments on your work that I like the art you've created here so I'm quite flattered you took time to look at and comment on mine. Yes, I'm much more pleased with the way the fur came out on this piece as opposed to the first Sasquatch painting. I've created some new brushes which help a bit and have honed my technique a little more since I did that first one. This is my first digital piece where I painted everything on a black background which worked quite well in creating the overall darkness I wanted for the night scene. Thank you again for commenting, I'm glad you like this.

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You did a wonderful job on the fur and i really like the darkness of the piece. Good work.

Art at its best.