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The Old Man

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Continuing my Sasquatch series here is the story behind this piece: I was recently reading a book about Bigfoot that had an interesting report. Back some time ago in the 1970's there was a a group of campers who told of a series of ongoing encounters with a group of Sasquatch at their campground located somewhere in the Sierra. A particular creature they mentioned that intrigued me was one they dubbed "The Old Man". They would be able to tell when he was one of the creatures in the area by the massive tracks he left measuring two feet in length. I'm estimating that would've put him somewhere in the 9-12 foot range in height, big even by Sasquatch standards. At the end of the story they described him being the only creature left in the area. The last night they had contact with him they heard his mournful cries leading them to believe that he was perhaps old and/or sick and possibly near death and the others had left him behind as they continued their migration. They never heard or saw any tracks from him again after that. I decided to paint him as I pictured him, in prime health, at the beginning of their report. Done mostly in Photo Shop and a little Painter with a Wacom and 20+ hours in time.

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Wow, that must have been an amazing experience, I envy you! From what I've read the Sasquatch were all over the place in the Sierras back then. If you or anyone else is interested in the original report that I based the description of this painting on, it appears in the book "Bigfoot" by B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry, published by Bantam books in 1976. It's a little hard to find so you'd have to search the used book stores or go to where I got mine. Thanks for telling me about your experience Kay, now I envy not only your artistic abilities but your encounter as well. Thanks for commenting. Smile

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Cool. I get to look at a great painting and get information on one of my favorite was one of those that saw a glimpse of him in the Sierras in the 70s. Tons of us little camping hippy dippys did. Seriously. It was like did you see him...hear him...everyone said "Yes". Yet no one had the tech on them back then to get the proof...prolly just as well...some idiot with a big gun would have come along and blew him away. Or they would have called out the National Guard.

Matter of fact the kids all talked about that around campfires...(All the kids in the woods in those years believe in him)...and decided to just keep their mouth shut.
Somethings should just be left alone and stay legend. No doubt about it big foot was ditty bopping in the Northern California high country in the 70s. Pretty close to civilization too. I think he was an old man...good theory.

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I'm quite flattered at your compliments because I love your work as well. In fact "Monarch" and "The Thaen Darklings" are two of my favorite pieces on Epilogue. I am working on another Sasquatch piece that I hope to have ready for submission by tomorrow or the next day, so check back in a couple of days and hopefully it will be approved and up in the gallery. Thanks again for commenting, I await your next creation as well. Smile

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Excellent, the detail and lighting on the fur is remarkable. Very strong and powerful images you have created with the Sasquatch Theme. Cant wait to see more.

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One other note: After reading many reports I've noticed that quite a few hunters have seen them. Some claim to have actually shot them but reported the creatures walking off with little or no effect from the shots. Many more though have said that when they had the sasquatch in their sights and got a good look, they couldn't bring themselves to pull the trigger. Perhaps there is still some hope afterall that they wouldn't be hunted to extinction.

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First let me say thanks for the compliment and comments. In short, yes I believe that Sasquatch is a real species (although I have never seen one myself), probably descended from Gigantopithicus Blacki. There is a lot of recent much more credible evidence supporting their existence including DNA testing of hair samples and dermal ridges not matching human beings found on plaster casts of their tracks. Watch the documentary "Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science" which is available on the BFRO website ( Check out Autumn Williams' Oregon Bigfoot site ( for good info as well. I don't intend to convince anyone with my opinions or art, it is merely for my own (and your) enjoyment. I believe, that's all that matters to me. Thanks again for commenting.

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Thank you for the compliment on the painting. I think they are so elusive because they are very adept at being so. They've been hiding from us for a long time now when you consider that reports go back into the 1800's. They have had a lot of experience in learning to avoid humans when they choose to do so, and many areas the are in are still quite remote. If you read many reports you'll find that some people do "cover up" or protect them (as you've suggested) by not detailing "where" they've seen them except to people from the Bigfoot research organizations. Thanks for commenting.

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Thank you Caleb, yes there is a lot of affection that goes into each painting. I don't research so much as I just read everything I can about them then try to visualize that info into the paintings. I have more planned so check back again. Thanks for commenting.

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A very tightly-rendered, and, if I may say so, affectionately-executed portrait of a Sasquatch. Looks like a lot of research went into these paintings, and I enjoy the choices you've made.

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Ok I admit it, I too am a believer.
Tell me this, how, in your opinion, do these creatures remain so elusive?
I believe that a lot of people who do know about this animal are covering it up to protect them.
I believe that if their existence was exposed then they would be hunted to extinction.
Great pic by the way.

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i like this pic, i must ask.... Do you actually believe in Bigfoot or Sasquatch? well, both the same creature. but do you believe, i am still pondering that meself, and my father, he is with the bigfoot organization. if any questions or sightings go to


Art at its best.