Night Scream... Sasquatch 5 by sdavis123061

Night Scream... Sasquatch 5

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 13, 2004
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Many a witness report describes the loud and frightening screams of the Sasquatch at night. More than one person has said it will make the "hair on the back of your neck stand up, and send chills down your spine." This is my depiction of a rogue male Bigfoot attempting to use his scream to frighten away any trespassers in his territory. This is a complete repaint of an idea I submitted earlier. This time it's all PhotoShop/Wacom and about 7-8 hours in time.

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do u know an old store called sasquatch scene? it was in a place named harrison

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It's interesting, people seem to like this one a lot and it's probably my least favorite, lol. To me he looks a bit caricatured, but perhaps that's just because of his extreme facial expression. Or maybe it's just me, I'm generally my own harshest critic and I can always find fault with my own work, lol. I'm glad that you and everyone else seem to like it though. Thanks for the compliments.

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Oh my goodness. Scott this is...OK...I ran out of original adjectives. I guess you know I like your work. Colors are so good and I love the detail...but those teeth and the expression. Incredible! I am enjoying my visit here.
I love Sasquatch...I met one once...well actually He was on another ridge...but I swear he was there...Wink

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I humbly bow in gratitude to your gracious compliments. It's not quite as difficult as it looks. I've got some custom brushes that speed up laying out the highly detailed areas like the leaves and fur. I use those for the underpainting to lay everything out then I use many combinations of brushes to go over that and "bring it to life" so to speak. I submitted another piece with this that wasn't accepted so I'll see if I can rework it a bit and get it up here. Check back tomorrow or the next day and hopefully it will be here. Thanks so much for your comments.

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You've outdone yourself, the detail in your work stifles me. As I sit and study your picture, you must have spent such a long time just on every leaf and strand of hair.

Excellent pieces on the Sasquatch and nice lighting effects.

Art at its best.