Tribute To Mario - Skull Island Jungle by sdavis123061

Tribute To Mario - Skull Island Jungle

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Added: May 28, 2004
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People seem to like the detail that I put into my background landscapes. Well you might be interested to learn that the inspiration for those goes back to the original King Kong movie from 1933. The backgrounds in that film were mostly some incredible glass matte paintings by an artist named Mario Larrinaga. He could do more with greyscale light and shadow than most people can do with full color. I decided to paint this as a tribute to his remarkable talent. Next time that movie is on, watch the backgrounds and be amazed. They have such depth it seems they go on forever. Photo Shop/Wacom and about 18 hours time.

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That is a wonderfully atmospheric drawing Scott! I love the way you captured the light filtering through the jungle canopy. Top notch work.

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I thank you for the tribute to Mario Larrinaga. He is my great-uncle, brother of Juan Batista Larrinaga my grandfather. Who also contributed to the background in the Original King Kong. I always appreciate and am happy to see their art inspire others. My youngest daughter is awesome as well. Hopefully, will keep it up. Thank you sharing this beauty. You are wonderful.

Irene S. Larrinaga-Pittman

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Thank you very much! Your comments capture exactly what I wanted to convey with this. I wanted the viewer to feel something even though there is no subject in the piece. I do hope to paint more of these, but they are very time consuming and it seems that time is something I have less and less of as my daily schedule gets busier. Hopefully, I'll be able to work in another one at some point though. Thank you very much for your comments! Smile

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Sadly, finding an amazingly beautiful landscape like this one is rare, so finding it is such a happy occasion. Just wanted to comment that I adore this one and I hope you do more like it. I love that the picture still makes the person seeing it feel something, even though there is no person. It's just a great piece. Smile

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Thanks very much, I'm glad to see this one still gets some comments. Even though its just a landscape a lot of work went into it so its nice to know its appreciated. Thanks for commenting. Smile

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excelente imagen, me gusta demasiado, pero espero nunca estar en ese lugar Smile

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Thanks Kirsi, your comments are much appreciated. Smile

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what a place! Amazingly done, details, spooky feeling..everything! Beautiful work!

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Thank you Christine. I haven't always left a comment, but I always check out your art. You have some great creations in your gallery. Thanks for the "you rock" comment. That's just what an old "metal head" like me enjoys hearing. Thanks for commenting Christine. Smile

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Ooooh....what a juicy jungle....!!

Oh, and thanks for commenting in my gallery. You rock, dude.

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Thanks Uwe, I'm flattered by your comments, I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two as well. One little trick I use on this piece is a LOT of layers, delicately adjusting contrast and value as I go, then slowly combining those layers together to gradually build up the illusion of depth. When I have a little more time (soon, I promise) I'll email you a little more detailed description. Thanks for commenting Uwe.

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omg - scott, that´s an amazing piece - i am really blown away by all the detail - i have to study this one really very carefully - man i could learn a lot from you - if you ever have time, just feel free to teach me!

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Thank you Lipták, I appreciate your comments.

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Amazing details, composition and lightings. Grats, you did an awesome picture!

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Thank You Abrar, I've been admiring the work in your gallery, very impressive stuff. I appreciate the compliments regarding the depth and detail in this as I strive to incorporate both into my landscapes, whether they are just backgrounds, or the main theme of the painting. Thanks for commenting Abrar.

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Hiya Scott
I really like this...I agree with last comments regarding the's superb and the high level of detail works really well...

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Thank you Sean I appreciate that very much. I was wondering what kind of response this would get because basically it is just a landscape painting with no figures, but I'm pleased with everyone's reactions so far. Thank you for commenting.

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Pretty damn good job of capturing some depth here yourself Scott.Just seems to go on and on-very nice!

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Thank you Jim, nice to hear from you. Yes, Mario Larrinaga was a master of putting depth into his matte work. If you watch Kong, just study those backgrounds. It's amazing what he did creating the illusion of the depth. As I said in the description for this piece, it seems as if some of his backgrounds go on forever and that was what I was aiming for in this tribute. Thanks for commenting Jim. Smile

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Hi Ken, I'm glad the influence in this was so obvious to you as that was certainly my intention. Yes, it did only take 18 hours which actually surprised me quite a bit as most of my work takes longer than that. Sometimes (although usually it's rare) pieces just flow out of you though, you know? This was one of those times where almost every brush stroke was exactly what I wanted, not a lot of time correcting things. Thank you for commenting Ken, it's nice to know that you could reference what I was getting at with this.

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Scott, you have amazing depth on this one,great job.

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Yeah, Scott, I can see the tribute...I remember those viney logs over valleys and such, vines and moss hanging everywhere...only 18 hours? Great job!

Art at its best.