Tribute: Shadowlotus by vestaka

Tribute: Shadowlotus

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Added: Mar 12, 2004
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This is part of my tribute series, to a dear friend who goes by the name of shadow lotus. I asked her what she would be in the afterlife... if she had a choice. This was her answer to me.
"If I were given a choice of my afterlife? I would actually take the darker path of choices. I would choose to be the breeze that causes that feeling of warning in the pit of stomachs, that spark of people's conscience that alerts them to things they must stay away from or be weary of. Almost like the reaper is personified, but not exactly death, I just tap them on their shoulder to give a heads up of possible danger. Like a dark angel of sorts.

I've made mistakes and ignore instincts, so I would think that would be my proper role. "

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This one is so awesome. I like your darker work.

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o_o Hey I know who that is.... shadowlotus2 with ...... or something..... ^^ Yes, this reminds me of her art. You did good.

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Yes! I'm so happy your pictures are finally here Smile And you know how much I love this picture, it moves me so deep whenever I look at it.

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Thank you so very much for such wonderful words.

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This really incredible. I *LOVE* the detailed work on the wings and dress...darkly rich, and richly beautiful.
Take care of you, sweetest dreams.
Beauty comes from within,

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Thank you so much! Tis appreciated.

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Thank you so much! The description, of course, was from Shadowlotus' words. Such a lovely person.

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*grin* well if you were wearing a corset like that you wouldn't be able to.....

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Beautiful, beautiful work.

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wow! I can't breathe.....

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I really love this piece. The face is absolutely beautiful, esp. the eye. The corset dress is gorgeous. I also love the description at the bottom ::: Love :::

Art at its best.