Hummiphants by vestaka


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Added: Mar 09, 2005
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Feb 14

Nature is a funny thing. It takes the clumsiest of creatures... and gives it grace and beauty when in it's natural element.

Today we're at the botanical gardens, looking at the lovely plants and creatures that were imported here from New Zealand. The most carnivorous of plants mingling with your average and harmless garden flowers. And flitting here and there were the rare hummiphants. Creatures so tiny, you could hold them on the tip of your finger... if they'd stay still long enough. Their wings beat so rapidly, it's enough to make your head spin watching them blur into motion. And those sweet little trunks that dive into the blossoms for nectar... they're so adorable when they are questing for food. They are an endangered species, so only the gardens and a few select zoos have these little fluttering gems... I do pray that we will be able to help them recover, and flourish in the world again.

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vera-lucia's picture

I could belive they are real!!!!
Wondeful piece!

rita's picture

The flowers are beautiful - but the hummiphants are splendiferous!

devilry's picture

What a charming mix of speices! If bumble-bees can fly, why not hummiphants? :)Nicely rendered too.

Art at its best.