Reef Dragon by vestaka

Reef Dragon

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Added: Jun 09, 2005
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June 4th

The journey continues. We're in the tropics of the carribean, sailing the coral reefs on the faint hope that somehow the elusive pixi dragon is a coastal dwelling creature. Our boat skims the surface of the water, cutting smoothly through the waves, careless... free... and oblivious to the treasures that lay beneath her bow.

The reefs on this side of the island are deep, there is a rare species of fish that produces it's own lightsource, enough to allow the coral and bright lifeforms to grow where normally there wouldn't be enough light to live. Because of this, the most rare and gentle of dragons makes it's home here. The Reef Dragon is a sea dwelling creature, only coming to the surface on rare occassions, much like the mythical "Whales" of ancient stories.

Perhaps we will be fortunate to see this lovely creature before our travels take us elsewhere.


I tried a new technique on the background. The water effect was done taking a florist's spray and spraying the paper with darker blue. Then the dragon and the coral and fish were all done in colored pencils.

And this is what happens when I visit the museum of ancient life *cough*

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joanna79's picture

Beatiful composition, Jessica! I adore all those bright luminous, underwater colours you chose and the details of the reef are great!

vestaka's picture

Thank you so much. It's appreciated.

rita's picture

Jessica, it is beautiful! I love you you painted the background and all those bubbles!

Art at its best.