Reef dragon reborn by vestaka

Reef dragon reborn

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Added: Dec 10, 2005
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December 1st.

It has been a long time since you and I spoke, journal mine. Under the advice of the leader of our expedition I took a long break to think about where we should go from here. Finding the pixie dragon... it was a moment of triumph, and at the same time a moment of sorrow.

Where to go from here? What new creatures to explore? There was always something fantastical about seeking a creature of myth, and finding it to be real... but somewhere along the way I lost the 'magic' just the stories of the mythical beasts posess.

So there I was, feeling quite old and out of tales. The magic of the world lost on me and made mundane. In a fit of boredom and an effort to make the most of our vacation we began to do all the sites, all the 'tourist' things to do out here. So.. while we were scuba diving of off the coast of hawaii a massive beast moved right past me! It was huge... towered over me, and yet those dark eyes were gentle and mild. It reminded me of the reef dragon from the caribbean... except they aren't supposed to exist in these waters at all! It's body was different, and instead of the massive 'winglike' front flippers, this beast folded it's legs to it's sides and swam like an eel would.

... it ... reminded me of old sailor's tails, countless ones that my father would tell me.

I believe I will go explore some more... and simply see what it is I find.

Done in colored pencils as usual.

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donnaquinn's picture

This is really nice Jessica. I saw this on Elfwood, migrated over to dA and wound up here eventually. Smile I like the colours and the design of the dragon.

rita's picture

Fantastic work Jessica!

Art at its best.