Eve by schuchan


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 31, 2004
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I spent the whole week on this...four nights, actually. So like, the hanging flower thangs are laburnums and those little fleurs on the left side, they're like...monkshood. Sweet, huh? Symbolizing death and forsaken-ness. And the title is a reference to the biblical Adam and Eve. Only Adam got shoved in the gutter, Eve ain't naked and the Tree of Knowledge became some fruity pyxie. LOL. Dun ask. I dunno anymore. The initial concept was WAAAY different too! X_x" I was going more for the loss of creativity imagination as you grow older (that symbolized the faerie being pulled away by the tree, which represents growth). But I guess that STILL works? Well, whatever you wanna interpret it as, but those were my two interpretations of the work. The former being the one that makes a little bit more sense...I dunno what's up with the pyxie. I guess all my pictures need some little bit of gay element in it. XD Anyway...yeah. o_o

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I disagree with the above, I think the text can be a little distracting in your other pieces. This piece is beautiful - so much to look at. Love to see more.

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This is really nice! I love all of the detail and activity of line. Beautifully done!

Art at its best.