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Added: Sep 03, 2004
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"My love, I give you my heart."

This is my first picture in half a year. Quite a leap for me technically. I absolutely love the girl's hair. I tried a bunch of intricate backgrounds, but eventually I settled for plain color to bring out the characters.

Did the picture touch you? If you are going to comment, please don't just say it's a nice picture.

[edit] Fixed some anatomical problems.

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it almost looks like the zombie is perhaps her father, come back from the dead to let his daughter know she still has his heart. literally now, of course. the entire piece itself is very soft and moving emotionally. I would love to own this.

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i do think its nice Laughing out loud

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usually i don't find myself enjoying zombie pieces much...but this artwork is almost emotionally moving. i really like it! it's like the beginning to some fantasy movie or something...i'm not sure...but all this to say, the lighting, the figures, the orientation...i love it.

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Yeah, I saw this also in the forum, and be happy for you - it finally got in. Never saw a painting takeing the words "I give you my heart" word for word. But it is very intersting - and you made a wonderful painting!

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I don't know why I like this man. Just because he's dead and rotting doesn't mean he's heartless!! ...well...he is now, but--no, I will stick to the point this time. He seems to be a very gentle creature and since she doesn't seem to freaked out, I'm guessing that she sees past the looks too. Good for love!!

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Initially I was shocked that it didn't get approved the first time around, but the good comments on the forum made me realize some very obvious faults. Thanks for the comments! If you have any ideas for the story behind the scene, I'd love to hear them.

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Very beautiful moment, despite the horrid man. This has the kind of gentleness that is often missing in contreversial images. I think you have succeeded creating that very well. I love the woman's hair. Hienon hieno maalaus Smile

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I saw this one in (I think) the forum. I like this alot, especially the light. It is soft, and ethereal, and really creates an aura of tenderness in spite of the grotesqueness of the zombie. Poor guy, maybe it was his lover from when he was alive, and he's giving her his heart! Very touching, and with the lighting, transcendent!

Art at its best.