Gold dwarf by 1084

Gold dwarf

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Added: Nov 29, 2003
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Inspired by "Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting"

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Not all women dwarves have beards, that's why they're so versatile. There are even clean-shaven male dwarves, as well. It just depends on who's drawing it. ( It shows how stereotyping can ruin someone's perspective. )

Very beautiful, though.

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is strange, especially in biforium, which you wanted to show so much. Look at these columns, and their capitals Smile

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Where is the beard, dwarf woman are as proud of their beards as the men.
Other than that, nice pic.
Pelanorr the Mountain

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But I wanted to show biforium behind her. Also I don't like light from behind so I decided that she stands near another window which is, of course, invisible on the picture. I also didn't pay attention to the lightning and focused more on the figure itself.
PS. Sorry for my english:)

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ups! It was me, not logged again

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Hm, You can be right, i have noticed that too, but look at the left wall's shadow on the floor. The light is intense, very probrably a daylight, enough to project it, that in my opinion should not be there. And again, the nest wall, yet in the left side of the picture, is shaded, what means that even if there is a light opposite to the background, is soft, weak, so weak that cannnot iluminate it and, consequently, makes a shadow of the dwarf on the floor. If I was misunderstood, let me know, because there may be some mistakes in my english.

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I did not see the light the way you do Hugo. Perhaps a window is to the left of her, and maybe there is no roof!
I dunno just being imaginative. Nice pencil work here, I'm enjoying it.

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Her physionomy is great! I think you should work better on the shadows, the light here is coming through the window, not inversely.

Art at its best.