East VS West by imagerystan

East VS West

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Added: Dec 02, 2003
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16 x 20 on canvas board

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rainesz's picture

"Fragons" ? Dragons, I meant dragons. I need more caffeine when I type.

rainesz's picture

Very cool!!! I collect Chinese fragons and it's great to see them depicted this way! You're an amazing artist. Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

This is stunning. I love the contrast of the two dragons. You capture the styles of the cultures perfectly. And they really do resemble cats play fighting!

Guest's picture

This reminds me of CHINESE fighting dragons. It's a wonderful peice of work, if only i could draw like u. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Guest's picture

this is awesome! I love the negative space formed by the spikes on the blue dragon

imagerystan's picture

Thanks J.P.

vengince's picture

Great to see you on Epilogue Stan, your work is a wonderful addition to this site.

imagerystan's picture

Thanks Helga! I got this concept from watching the way cats play fight.

lew's picture

I really like the scales! The contrasts are lovely. Very well done image. Lew.

goddessart's picture

Stan, this is wonderful! I love your dragons - I love your work! I'll need to get a print of this next time I see you and your lovely wife!!!

Guest's picture

This is magnificent ! I love the concept and the execution is brilliant.I felt a real surge of pleasure when I viewed your work!(persephone)

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I love this one. the concept about the chinese dragon and more western mystical dragon is beautiful! Smile

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I really like your enterpritation of the way the east and West see dragons. I've never agreed with the 'evil, greedy, soulless' dragons that are common images on my part of the world. Dragons are good, magical creatures that bring luck, not burn crops! Though, I must say, the dragon in The Hobbit was pretty nice. That aside, I love the warm/cool color clash. Really brings out the difference in the two dragons.

Art at its best.