The fellowship have to eat too by gerlinde

The fellowship have to eat too

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Added: Jan 31, 2004
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Actually, not all elves are vegetarians. Those that hunt are usually the warriors. The men are also the ones who do the cooking. You can find this in the book "Morgoth's Ring" in the appendix. I really like this version of the Fellowship. I mean, in the books and movies you hardly ever see them doing anything like day to day tasks. I like your version of Aragorn, the hobbits, and Ganda

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well, is it really a kangaroo?

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Are they going to eat a kangaroo?

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Hey, I like this, too. I'll add my vote for the Aragorn you drew (best Aragorn I've seen yet), and the hobbits are terrific. I eSPECIALLY like all the little interplays between characters, that you have to look a little bit closely for... (esp Frodo and Boromir, I think)... cheers and hope to see more from you soon.

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That is great! I realy like the way you did it. Hope to see more works from you. =)

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You're not the first one today who told me that elves are vegetarians. I honestly didn't know, but still, the rest of the group had to eat, right? I just wanted Gimli to be angry about something (he only cought a rabbi

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This is very cute. I like how you drew Aragorn. Though, I don't know why Legolas is holding a deer that it seems he killed. I believe elves are vegetarians.

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Art at its best.