Penina Confronts Destiny (Cut Paper) by smr-g

Penina Confronts Destiny (Cut Paper)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 16, 2003
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After an initial drawing, each layer of paper is handcut using x-acto blades and archival papers and assembled with acid-free glue. Each color is a separately cut piece of paper. Penina is the one piece I've done also incorporating fabric.

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Thank you, she was a pretty time-consuming piece.

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Fantastic! Wonderful details.

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Why does anyone ever choose one particular medium over another? I've always sought individuality in thought and expression, as well as wanting to tie my art in with something that transcends cultural boundaries, as well as those of any one time period. For me, this achieves those goals because it comes from a form that each major culture has used at some time in its history, and yet I don't exactly follow any one form. Besides, I don't knit, crochet or make chainmail--if you've ever done any of the three you probably know what I'm saying. Wink Or, for simplicity's sake: I am a unique individual and a believer in art reflecting the individual who created it. This medium is not as well known so in ways there is more obvious freedom of expression to be had here. Of course, that too is "Just an Opinion," but it's mine. Smile

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Umm, ok. hehe.
I am more fascinated by why anyone would want to do this type of art but hey, you go for it!

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Thank you! This is one that usually gets people to stop in their tracks at shows. Even the prints we have available are often petted when people mistake it for the original because so much of the shadowing and depth do show through.

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Your work is stunning!

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Most impressive! The paper and fabric add a degree of depth that really makes the image pop.

Art at its best.