Succubus (Cut Paper) by smr-g

Succubus (Cut Paper)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 16, 2003
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After an initial drawing, each layer of paper is handcut using x-acto blades and archival papers and assembled with acid-free glue. Each color is a separately cut piece of paper.

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smr-g's picture

Thanks, Lew. Papercutting is actually a lot like other art forms in that it requires time to get used to it (you learn to view things a little differently than an artist of paint and pencils views the world). Once you understand the basics (and I admit I'm still learning A LOT) you just have to spend time establishing your lines and making sure you give the piece the eye for detail it requires in order to get a smooth cut. I guess it's like anything else, really--it takes a lot of time initially and then eventually you just sort of get the "knack" for it. Like your black and white "Nymph" (a very nice piece)-- You probably had a good number of pieces before her where you were in that "learning curve" and things took loads of time before you felt comfortable with the results. The "Succubus" is (herself) 6.5"x5" but matted comes to an 8"x10".

lew's picture

Thanks for sharing. Your cut-paper style is great. It must be hard work to do something like this, isn't it? And what size has this?

smr-g's picture

Thank you, Jonathan. The paper you mentioned is one of a variety that I've become quite fond of for exactly that reason. Some of the papers currently available on the market have wonderful abilities to add a certain depth or texture to the work--just enough to lend contrast to a piece.

sven's picture

Nice, I really like this. I like how the red paper forming the body has little white bits in it that break up the monotony.

smr-g's picture

Thanks. I dreamed her up at the Bay Area Ren Faire in Florida. This particular one is on eBay as I type--wish us luck!

Guest's picture

Oh, my... This is so beautiful and elegant. I adore this.

Art at its best.