Pegasus Bowing (Cut Paper) by smr-g

Pegasus Bowing (Cut Paper)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 07, 2004
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After an initial drawing, each layer of paper is handcut using x-acto blades and archival papers and assembled with acid-free glue. Each color is a separately cut piece of paper.

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smr-g's picture

I won't totally disagree about the hind legs. I like my pegasi spring-loaded though, if you know what I mean. Wink I don't really see them perching in trees and waiting to catch updrafts, so I like to give them every perceived (I think I'm breaking that dreaded i before e thing, but I'm tired) advantage. I'm also a relatively short-legged person so I like to see long legs (just a personal preference). Besides, on this one I recognize (in my opinion, at least) that my strengths are the funky mane and the stylistic wing design. Keep in mind, I'm an artist, not any deity without weaknesses to balance my strengths. Okay, I'm probably rambling--thanks for your input, though.

Guest's picture

I really adore your motives and your style.. But I think the Pegasus' hind legs are too long in this one.

Art at its best.