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Teela Darkstalk

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Added: Dec 17, 2003
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"At least one of my parents must have been from the south, or so it would seem from my colouration - light-eyed and tallow-skinned, the pallor of my face made the more striking by the mop of coarse, black hair that frames it. Not a pretty face, if truth were known, gaunt, strong-featured, almost androgynous, with a wide mouth and a nose that could have been described as aquiline had not a sharp blow somewhat bent it several years ago..."

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wayouteast's picture

I agree Werner. To me the tool used should be irrelevant - otherwise I suppose we's still be grinding our own pigments! I suppose it's because I originally came from a traditional background that I can view it simply as another tool. I can sort of see the other point of view though - there are an awful lot of Poser-produced pictures out there where the programme has been used to replace the use of imagination rather than to enable it. Thanks for the comment.

brainforest's picture

...how would that be if people stoped writing about what programs used and so on... who cares what kind of brushes any great painter used if the outcome is full of emotions like in the image we got here.

Guest's picture

I'm very impressed. The guest above was off their gourd. Poser "norms" usually look like barbies. This is incredibly detailed. The only thing that looked 3D rendered instead of painted is the upper/outer edge of the ear - a little crisp and clean.

If you are willing, I'd love for you to join the community of digital artists at Terranuts.com

We focus more on Terragen, but any Poser contibutions would improve the quality of the site and perhaps attract aspriing artists.

megaflow's picture

I don't understand the earlier "guest" comment about Poser... This is a spectacular use of the medium. I certainly know how hard it is to get a good, lifelike result from ANY 3D program. Well done!

wayouteast's picture

Hmmm. I wish it *was* the norm in Poser. Maybe people wouldn't then be so dismissive of all artwork produced using that program!

wayouteast's picture

Hello Holger, and thank you for the compliments. The hair in this case, as it is in the Poser 4 program, is indeed a fairly simple wireframe model. In this case there is a hair texture overlaid on top with a transparency map to produce the hairline and the 'strands'.

fauna's picture

The textures are amazing! Very beautiful image

mangalore's picture

Wow your texturing work is splednid. There are some rough spots in the cloth and skin but the folds and scars are superb. What I find most impressive is the hair texture (NURBS Surfaces with Hair trexture?)

Your 3D work is superb! Very good!

Guest's picture

Nice Poser Portrait. The norm in Poser really but like the composition.

Guest's picture

Very well done. You've created a well fleshed-out character with lovely details. Liked your bit of story, too!

wolfvayne's picture

She looks like as pirate!! Arrr!!! Excellent tone - great portrait :]

Guest's picture

Wow, I am utterly amazed with this, the skin texture is perfect. So is the color of the eyes.... The hair.. the lips.. everything.. It's an excellent piece. The textures are wonderful as well. I love how unique she looks, but yet, not unrealistic, the scars create a mystery around her as well, love it. Excellent Job!!

Art at its best.