The Grey Forests by wayouteast

The Grey Forests

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Added: Dec 17, 2003
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"She was tiny, not much over four and a half feet high, her body thin and fragile-seeming, although there was a lean, implied athleticism in her as if she concealed within her small, spare frame a strength wholly disproportionate to her size. Her hands were large, long-boned, with strong, sensitive fingers, the knuckles scarred from sword-practice.

But it was her face which proclaimed her unhumanness most visibly. She had the high-cheekboned, enigmatic face of a cat, both feral and gentle at once. Her jaws and chin were prognathous but delicate, and the wide, expressive mouth revealed twin gleams of ivory at the corners where her canines projected slightly over her bottom lip. A small, flat, muzzle-like nose bore a scattering of freckles that disappeared into the dark feathering of hair along her jawline. The coarse, straight hair of her mane, the same tawny-brown as that on her arms and chest, was chopped short at her shoulders and hung in a thick, ragged fringe above emerald eyes, whiteless, slit-pupilled and lambent in the dusk. Despite the smile that came readily to her, in unguarded moments her glance flicked from side to side like that of a wary animal, as if she were used to, and expecting, ill-treatment, and her eyes held buried in their depths an old sadness like that of loss or long estrangement.

Resting on the rock next to her, within easy reach, a leather scabbard held a plain, unadorned shortsword, a fighter's weapon, its hilt worn smooth with use, and a heavy dagger rested on her left hip, supported by a leather belt. A small firestone glowed crimson in the hollow of her throat."

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Au natural! I'd hate to have legs like that! Wink Well what I really mean to say is....WOAH!'s gorgeous! Ok she isn't gorgeous but she is interesting and integuing, unique, she catures you attention for quite a while as you study her, it's just so damn!

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I would just like to say that this piece is wonderful, a good idea as to what a female werewolf might be, though I'm not sure if that is what she is. What idea were you getting at, if any? I love it though, so detailed, so gripping, and the information you put with it..Wow!

wayouteast's picture

And thanks for your help and input, Holder!

wayouteast's picture

I'd love to see the results, Rebecca! And thank you for the kind comments!

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Yeah, now it's in! Congrats, the finetuning was worth it. It's great!

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I love this piece. I'd like to sculpt her...maybe I can sometime!

Art at its best.