The Soul Reavor by bluepulse

The Soul Reavor

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 03, 2004
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She's a bad one she is.

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she looks like a witch, being one myself. she looks so wicked like she's tring to capture your soul in the palm of her hand.

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This is really good. Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of the cover of the film 'Firestarter' starring Marguerite Moreau? Just a thought. Really good picture though, Well Done!

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but a very nice piece of art, but we do she shoots a hole in har hand??

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beautiful she truly is. but i feel as if she's cross-eyed. HER right eye seems perfectly fine but her left is a bit bug-eyed. and maybe if you added her ear and made some cool peirces, it would have added more character. but she's still beautiful and you did a great job on the fore-shortening on the arm. good job.

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She looks like a bad one Wink As if she's gonna pull you into her evilness any moment...

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damn! i wish i could draw like that, nicely done!! Smile

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Hey greg this is your cousin Nate, Mikes son. That is an outstanding piece. Also just wanted to say hi

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Wow! It's obvious why she is the soul taker. This picture is amazing. I feel as if she was trying to capture me.

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I meant to comment on this when I first saw it weeks ago! It's really a wonderful picture. I love the character; her expression and pose are compelling. However, the most impressive thing is the composition - it's unusual and dynamic - the solid black dress fading into the bottom lends a sort of sense of "growth" from the bottom to top of the picture. Great work all around!

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You never know where she's gonna be next. The front door, behind the fridgerator as you close it? Just kiddin', thanks for looking!

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I wish I could use pastel like that. I've used a lot of oil pastels with grumtine till my cat wanted to leave the house in horror. Rambling...Thanks again!

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And wow. Just look at her eyes! I mean, no wonder her job is to grab souls; she'd have mine in one glance! But seriously, this is wonderful, full of detail and i just love the lines of 'spirit' coming down from each finger tip meeting in the center. This is great. Very Eurokool.

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nice job, looks like pastel!

Art at its best.