Golden Desert by sor-sandra

Golden Desert

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 28, 2003
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This work was done using acrylic paint, felt pen and colored pencil. The woman reflects the golden character of the desert...

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sor-sandra's picture

Thanks a lot! Yes, painting it is always choice. What color do I choose for this, what color for that...I decided for red here to add a new, striking color to the whole scene (I like experimenting with color). So she got her red hair Wink In the end it's all personal like or dislike, so there can't be a 'perfect' choice. Glad you like it anyway!

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It's absolutely fantastic, as are all of your works. Absolutely amazing. The red hair... I can't help but feel it disrupts the serene air of the work. I would have gone for blond, brown, or black, not red. Then again, you are the artist, not I. Very nice work. Keep it up!

sor-sandra's picture

Thanks. This is also one of my favorites.

somerset's picture

Fantastic work, Sandra! both the lady and her dress are beautifully done! I like this one a lot!

darkling's picture

Very nice reflective quality on the outfit-and luv the boots!

sor-sandra's picture

Thank you very much...

shinsei19's picture

That is simply some gorgeous rendering you have on the dress, truly! I just don't know what to say,'s a nice serene piece that's just really, really well rendered...I love everything from the design to the execution of the piece.

sor-sandra's picture

I wanted her dress to be gold, reflecting the landscape...the hair is a nice contrast I think.

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This is a true work of art. I love what youve done with the colors. Beautiful, I envy you! Smile ***Cierra

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When i came to look at this wonderful piece again, i noticed that you had responded to my comment. Thank You! I truly admire this piece and do find a mysticism in that i just can't believe you were able to catch on canvas. I'd envy you if I weren't so amazed! Thanks again! Elyse .Sexy:.

paata's picture

Great painting technique.

sor-sandra's picture
sor-sandra's picture

Thanks for this comment, I really like when people think about my work and give me feedback regarding it!
I like the way you formulated your impression!

spunky's picture

It's almost as though, studying this picture, i find that she herself has a golden character within. It appears, to me, as though she is finding a certain kinship within the desert. This piece is absolutly intriguing. I can only congratulate you on its beauty.

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Oh dear, you are great:) I love her dress and hair.

Art at its best.