Walking through someone else's dream by sor-sandra

Walking through someone else's dream

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 25, 2004
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Walking someplace you don't really know what you are doing or why you are there.

Sorry, my scanner could not catch the colors right. Original has a little bit more light shades.
Done in Colored Pencil and Acrylics.

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sor-sandra's picture

Thanks a lot! Wow (let me just climb down from my cloud)! This is not easy to answer, as I always have lots of difficulties finding the rigtht words for what I want to say (hard work this commenting business). So maybe I'll stick to a simple 'Glad you like my pics'!Laughing out loud

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You get a nice comment on your gallery and you think mmm I wonder what that Artist is up to, so you click on and here I am with my eyeballs hanging out and swinging like pendulums! this is so incredible, acrylics and pencils, such a great combination and in the hands of such a talent truelly awesome! the rendering of her clothing is stylishly done interacting beautifully with the background, your colours are superb and the detail well...lets just say I'm inspired! nice one, Sandra!

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Thanks. I tried to visualize the title theme (which I had in mind before I started drawing). With a dreamlike atmosphere and someone who is there but is also a little bit out of place. --> You don't know what exactly you are doing in this place, but you just keep on walking.

panzersmurf's picture

Nice work! And the thought behind the pic is nice as well! Love the colores and the flow of the pic!

sor-sandra's picture
sor-sandra's picture

I had the title in mind before I started this. (Usually the title develops with the picture.)

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Thanks, great you like it.

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that's fantastic! beautiful style! Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Beautiful. My new favorite after "Night Owl in a Dream".
The atmosphere matches the title, and I love the way you used the white color.

contemplator's picture

beautiful execution~ your rendering style is so subtle and concise Smile Thanks for posting your work~

Art at its best.