When the Sky broke by sor-sandra

When the Sky broke

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Added: Sep 16, 2005
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This was done on a very rough canvas board with additional textures. My intention was to work a bit more loose and not go into detail that much. I also wanted it to look 'old and worn'. Don't know if I did accomplish that...-- Skin tones are better in original, it is also a bit softer.

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sor-sandra's picture

Thanks! (It was so much easier not to have to work so accurately - and I'm really happy with the outcome). Hope I'll find time to do something similar soon.

carles's picture

I really love this piece. The worn-out feel you gave it is perfect for the style and subject. And the palette is SO delicate indeed !

sor-sandra's picture

I started with a light coloring, cause I planned to add some dark contrasting elements later. In the end I decided against it, so it's all the light colors now.

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Thank you for that nice comment! --working on it was quite the experience! I even used sandpaper (where the white spots are). And lots of paint. I'm glad to get such positive feedback!

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Hey, nice compliment. His colors are great! Thanks!

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Had a look at some pre-raphaelite works not so long ago, I'm sure that did influence me! Art Nouveau is very interesting, I've also added designs in some of my earlier works.

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Thanks...I wasn't sure. Glad you like it!

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Smile - Thanks for viewing!

kyrn's picture

Nice colors! Very Edmund Dulac-ish (just the coloring)

somerset's picture

Oh my! wonderful colour work, Sandra, you have certainly achieved an aged feel with those beautifully subdued tones

griffingirl's picture

Your design and composition instincts are spot on! It has an irridescent feel that I'm sure is very elegant and interesting. I think you succeeded!

Guest's picture

You always use such beautiful colors and you have such a wonderful style. Thank you for sharing!

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I love it. So beautiful, with a lovely style and colour choice. It's like a cross between art nouveau and pre-raphelite.

rita's picture

Oh yes, it works!! looks awesome!!

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