La robe rouge by cha-chan

La robe rouge

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Added: Jul 18, 2005
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As it is there’ve been many people already accusing me of ‚leaving the background out’. That is not so and I sincerely hope that this won’t be the reason for this pic being not allowed onto epilogue due to being ‘unfinished’. The thing is I felt that anything surrounding this world closed in itself, fog, uncertain outlines of hills, whatever would have hinted to much at there being something more. I wanted to create something absolutely cut off from the rest of the world, alone and self-reliant…Argh, I dunno how to express it, but anyway, that with the missing bg was on purpose. Hope u like it otherwise…

PS:I'm sorry for the title but I'm just no good with those(as with so many other things...)

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The sharp angles of the boughs, bird wings and the staircase are a good setting for the wan, ethereal figure. Separating her more obviously from the stairs behind her might be a good idea (deepen the shadow there or, on the contrary, bleach it).

Also it's unclear whether the dame has legs; if you meant her to, show more definitely that she is really pressing on the stones. Accentuate the knee and the opposite thigh. If she's human on the top and vision on the bottom, the hem of her dress should float, or droop down the steps, with their square edges showing under, or twine around the large branch below.

As a personal preference, I would have played with sizes and magnification here. The stairway has some Esheresque potential, winding out of sight and breaking off as it does, so you might have focused on the unusual geometry. Make the middle steps, those closest to the visual pane, larger. Bring the rightmost bird closer as well and either darken it to a silhouette or redo it as as a transparent pencil sketch. This is a foggy, dim world, "unfinished" is its normal quality.

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das ist eine sehr schöne fantasievolle arbeit. ich bin entzückt wegen der vielen details.

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Would you just look at the sharpness of the details? Another stunning piece. I love it. Patter

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I love the composition. I think leaving the BG blank does not make it seem unfinished, it adds to the hight and drama of the work. Good choice there and excellent work.

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Charlotte - das ist so traumhaft! Ich bin ganz begeistert von deiner Perspektive und deinem ganz vorsichtigem Einsatz von Farbe. Ganz toll! Und dann erst 16!!! Was für tolle Bilder malst du wenn du erst 30 bist?????? Keep on the great stuff!

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Artfully done. I enjoy your grasp of both the tree and the rocks, the have a natural earthy feel about them that so many others seem to miss. The woman, while well done seems a bit under worked compared to the the rest of the piece, almost as if she was an after thought. The ravens with the bird cage like

Art at its best.