Mermaids by yerffej


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Added: Dec 02, 2005
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My take on mermaids.I never drew or painted them before,so it was a challenge.

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this is more than superb....exhilarating

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WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! YES BABY YES!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! These mermaids live,play,and eat at the bottom of the ocean!

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I'm a big fan of mermaids, and it's wonderful to see them protrayed so differently. You have a wonderful imagination.

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WOW! this picture is kick-ass! So cool!

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This should be in the horror section!!! Really, I stared at the pointing one for a moment, thinking "Oh, she looks very nice and tranquil.." and then I scroll down a little bit more and AHHH! I am shocked to find another mermaid with her mouth gaping open, and full of sharp teeth!! Creepy..I shall have nightmares..Buuut...still very lovely. Hehe

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What sinister mer-sisters you have here! From a distance, they'd look gorgeous and seductive, but get close enough and before it's too late...they bite your head off! Their mouth structure is just too wild-looking!! I love their fishy fins, too. They'd look just great if you extended their fingerwebs to the fingertips, too!!

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nice take!

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what an amazing imagination you have, i love the way the hair looks, i admire people like you!

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Them are some evil Meremaids, remind me not to go to thier lagoon, Very nice work

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Awesome work - CREEPY, too - and it doesnt look any digital Smile !

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Wow ! A REAL refreshing view of a classical subject. Your mermaids are really creepy, and that is what they should be indeed. I love it !

Art at its best.