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Added: Jul 07, 2004
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The Fairy of Eternal Confinement. He became such after his banishment. He was banished from Faery for selling his brother into slavery. He was tattooed with a 'B' for banished, so that everyone would always know, and then he was thrown out. Surrounding the Faery realm are all Elven lands, and each one turned him away. So he wandered (or flew) until he came to the Elvish burial ground. He decided that it was the perfect place for him because he could get his revenge on the Elves for not accepting him. He would bar many of their souls from going on to the afterlife. They were stuck to roam the burial ground forever. And if he was feeling particularlly nasty he'd lock them within their graves. If anyone steps on one of these graves, it will quiver and the soul will scream in the hopes of being saved. His name is pronounced Jail. Watercolor, ink and white colored pencil.

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I really like the position he sits in, makes him look as if her is thinking, while staring off into nothingness. Very nice, i think. One of my favorites so far. ^_^

beckysinz's picture

Thank you, Jodi!

boogarshadow's picture

Very Nice!!!!! Always Nice to see a Goth boy so lovingly rendered *^_^*...

beckysinz's picture

Thank you, James! I was definately going for a gothic feel on this one.

somerset's picture

Lovely painting, Rebecca! this guy has a kinda gothic feel about him, great rendering and nicely detailed, the momotone colour and the shock of the red rose work very well here! bravo!

beckysinz's picture

Thank you!

rita's picture

Wow, love his hands -- and all the rest is painted beautifully, too!

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um.. hes out of proportion... and everything is way to squared off... other then that... hes very good.. Smile

beckysinz's picture

Thank you, Rachel! Glad you like him.

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Yah, hes certinaly got a j-depp look to him. In the face. I love the little backround on him and his condemming elvish souls to thier graves. Very nicly done.

beckysinz's picture

Thank you! I actually did kind of have Johnny Depp in mind when I made this. Wink

wolfvayne's picture

This is so cool - the sort of concept you usually see rendered digitally but done traditionally. I really like this; he's got a slight Edward Scissorhands look about him. Excellent Laughing out loud

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