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Added: Feb 02, 2004
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I wanted to try a different colour scale from what I usually use, and I think it turned out pretty well. Also, I was really trying to overdo myself in details this time...

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Jessica Becket is my favorite faery artist, but you are now in second, if not first place, I would love to order one from you. Thank you for sharing your talent. Theresa in NC

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First I wanted to say I saw your painting on another website and absolutely loved it. So I decided to go to the page it came from and I found beauty. I love your paintings! The only problem is that the image of the fairy writer is blurry, and I wanted to be able to see her bigger but couldn't. Please check to see if you can fix it. Your paintings are so magical! Keep it up. (Pooperton@hotmail.com)

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she's so lovely! it's a real pleasure!
may i have it in my LJ?

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I think this is my favorite of your lovely gallery. I like how you have that little dab of white acrylic in every piece. It's like your signature, but not as narcissistic as a written one. Good work!

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Wow - I like everything about this one! Her hair, her jewelry, her wings... I like the decoative work on the wood, and the black roses are, IMHO, the perfect finishing touch to this piece. Her expression is serene and contemplative - lovely. I don't see an inkwell, so it must be an enchanted quill... Really delightful. Thank you.

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and i love the little sparkles on the tip of her wing and in her hair

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I adore your gallery so much, your color choices in everything are so perfect, and I love the slightly rosey tips of her fingers, they are so life-like!

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Detailed but not overdone, and very good control on your watercolors. Nice nice piece Smile

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Thank you very much!

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Why thanks, Jennifer! I´m glad you like it.

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She is just a BEAUTY - wonderful painted.

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Wow, I absolutely love this! I can't pick just one thing, the whole piece is so beautiful Smile

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Thank you for leaving a comment, Kim! I´m glad you like my work, I like yours.

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This is beautiful. The coloring and details are wonderful!

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Thank you very much, May-Lin! I´m so glad you took time to comment!

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Thanks, Michelle! Since these colours aren´t the ones I usually work with, I concider this as an experiment. Therefor, your comment made me very happy, I might even make further experiments with colours in my next work...

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Thank you very much, Erika!

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Goodness, what a gift! My work is commented on by Steve Ferris! I am a big fan of your art, thank you!

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Thank you very much, Tom! I am really greatful that you take time to comment. Welcome back!

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Thanks! I´m quite happy with those things too. By the way, I like your "Deception" a lot.

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Breathtaking. This is such a lovely piece. The colours and the details are stunning, as is the composition.

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Thank you! I´m glad you like it!

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Gorgeous! The colors really take this piece to another level for me. I like her wings and hair, but I particularly like the clever way her left hand is painted in shadow, keeping the eye flowing through the entire composition. Really well done.

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Really very beautiful. The sence of light is quite etherial.

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A really beautiful piece!
Top Watercolor Work!


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This is so nice Kajsa! I really enjoy your work...

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Nice picture! I like the unique wings and her jewlery in particular.

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Great job! I like the skin a lot. And the wings.

Art at its best.