Portrait of Justine by jlwilliamson

Portrait of Justine

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Added: Jan 08, 2004
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Part of the same series as Y'shandir.

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Guest's picture

Great work! This is the kind of sci fi that is so wonderful and really tests he imagination and it's incredibally stunning and beautiful- areal work of art. Keep up the good work!

jlwilliamson's picture

You know this has become one of my least favorite pieces up here? I painted it in an afternoon on a computer whose monitor was burning out. Now I can see all the flaws and flat areas I missed. I think I need to go back and fix some of t

dodds's picture

Very nice - I love the pose and the contrast of the armour against the bright background is very powerful.

jlwilliamson's picture

You got it!! I mean, seriously, that was exactly what I was thinking about when I painted this. Thanks. Smile

Guest's picture

Jennifer: It wasn't as much the armor that caught my eye, though the detailing of the damage was really lovely - it was the rapier and then the other daggers. Their placement and simplicity really drew me. I like that she's not looking at the viewer. It leaves more mystery to her. Like she's contemplating the last bout of combat, who was lost, who was saved, and whether she, herself, has any hope of salvation left. Her eyes almost seem to be red from weeping. As always: Gorgeous work. Delighted to see how much its grown. Do more! - beth

evelyn's picture

I believe this must be my favorite work from your gallery. The armour is interesting and lovely despite being only one colour, and the detail is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. =)

mistere's picture

No one seems to ever be able to offer real praise to our fellow Epilogue artists. You are a great talent and I hope life brings to you success

jlwilliamson's picture

Thanks Aaron! (Buckles ARE cool, aren't they? Heh.)

shinsei19's picture

I've been meaning to post a comment on this but have been delinquent haha...I just love it Smile The green polarizes so well against her, it really brings her towards the viewer...and I love that detailing..buckles rule! Stunning work Smile

Guest's picture

Beautiful! She looks incredably real. Almost as if she'll hop out of the painting! I love it! Keep up your wonderful work.

jlwilliamson's picture

You can draw. That's the most important step! You should try playing with it. I bet you'd be better than you think.

mmaiden's picture

I wish I could paint, your work is great, and thank you for taking the time to write something about my artwork earlier

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you. I had a lot of fun painting that armor Smile

downing's picture

The leather armor is fantastic,Also her weaponry and that face beautiful.

jlwilliamson's picture

That's very kind, Rebecca. I love your sculptures (the 2-D art too of course).

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you!

jlwilliamson's picture

I'm glad you think so. I liked the idea that Justine's armor was once very nice, but after trudging through muck and mire, battles and injuries, it's now patched and torn.

jlwilliamson's picture

Thanks! Your art is lovely too. Your pencils are truly fresh and unique. Distinctive, neat stuff!

sabugo's picture

i like it, good work!

Guest's picture

Stunning! And I love the details on her armour.

Guest's picture

I want to congralute you on this picture - it is truly awesome. Not only is she beautiful but the armour is fantastic - Erebus.

Guest's picture

There's real strength in her face. Love her clothing and weapons as well.

jlwilliamson's picture

Thanks for the kind words. Any resemblance to Angelina Jolie is purely accidental, I assure you. *grin*

goddessart's picture

Very nice, very lovely. Her face is gorgeous, and I love the color scheme.

Guest's picture

Do I see a resemblence to Angelina Jolie? Awesome pic!

Art at its best.