The Philosopher's Familiar by jlwilliamson

The Philosopher's Familiar

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 07, 2004
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This is one of those paintings I just couldn't get right. I started it over a year ago, shelved it because it wasn't clicking, brought it out recently, and finally repainted it.

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forestrogers's picture

Marvelous bird!

baylessiii's picture

That is magical lighting and a very enticing picture.

thejeff's picture

right on, jennifer! beautiful image. lovely light.

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you, Rachel!

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you! Smile Yes, it is Mr. Bartz, dear friend and master alchemist (whether that alchemy be the creation of golden ales, rich food, shimmery glass or jewel-toned dyed fabrics.) It was high time I painted him!

raich's picture

Oh wow, i love how this turned out! The colours are beautiful and the lighting is so dramatic. Lovely work Smile

Guest's picture

Would that model happen to be Dave Bartz? *beam* as always, Jen, you do such amazing work... seeing you grow as an artist is so cool: I've enjoyed every piece of yours, and have always felt they were darned good, but the images you're evoking now are even better than ever. its ... really cool. words fail.

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you very much for the complement!

jlwilliamson's picture

Thanks! It almost wasn't so carefully rendered, but the good editors here wouldn't let me get away with it Wink For which I'm grateful.

megaflow's picture

Very pretty - the lighting looks quite magical!

Guest's picture

Great use of lighting, with the red light coming from the bird 'n' all, very original and carefully rendered, nice job all round.

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you very much. Smile

krumm33's picture

I'm so happy this was accepted! Saw this in the wip forum, i love the colors, they are so beautiful. the whole pic is wonderful, i just love that phoenix though. great job!

jlwilliamson's picture

Heh. So are you trying to say you want more red? Smile (okay, red-orange, really) Don't worry, there's at least one more reflected firelight painting on the drawing board! I promise lots of red!

jlwilliamson's picture

Thank you, Rita! I'm glad you like the light, as it ended up being the trickiest part! (well, besides the redwoods themselves.)

jlwilliamson's picture

*laugh* And where were you when I had this in the WIP forums, huh? *grin* I double-checked after you said this and the proportions are correct, but he's a long waisted fellow wearing clothes that make him look more so -- ah well.

saiklor's picture


I still want more red, always more red! RED RED RED! But it is, in fact, perfect the way it is, so ignore me!


rita's picture

Jennifer, now you got it. Wonderful done!! Love the light from the phoenix!

Guest's picture

I love the firebird, especially the tail and the way you've uplighted the branches around it. Not too sure about the guy's legs though - they seem a little out of proportion.

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