Valentine Angel by puppygirl

Valentine Angel

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 12, 2004
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Just an Art Nouveau portrait of one of my dearest friends. I think she looks smashing in her glasses. Is it too bright and gaudy?

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I love this peice but it confuses me where her knee is when she crosses her legs. I had to concentrait on it a little. I think the bow throws me off a little, other than that it rocks!

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I love this picture, still do as a matter of fact.^^ stop by my gallery I have one new piece for you to see.^^

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Lovely "in your face" design, Puppy Girl! excellent detailed work, specially those wings, the colour is a real attention grabber, sooo cool!

blueunicorn's picture

Spectacular wings, Donna! The glasses are cool too. I'll bet your friend just loves this one!

puppygirl's picture

You know, this has really made my day! The wings took longer than the rest of the picture combined. I keep telling myself I am going to learn to draw simpler wings and then I chicken out when it gets right down to it. And you're right, I did limit my colour palette. I wanted to see what I could do with only crimson, rose, and white Prismacolour pencils on that weird scrapbook paper. A view through rose coloured glasses, huh? That's one I have never been accused of before. Thanks so much for such a detailed and flattering review. I like to know what I am doing right as well as what I am messing up on by someone who can tell me in an intelligent and informative manner!

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Thank you, Amy! I admire your art quite a lot! I love hearing from other coloured pencil artists.

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I have to admit, this piece came as a bit of a surprise. I've always been amazed by and impressed with the way you do wings -- they actually look soft and fluffy. I don't think I've ever seen you do monochromatic before, which is what startled me. However, you've managed to capture depth, shading and imply various tones using just the shades of pink and red. It looks like a view through rose-colored glasses, instead of a one-color world. I hope that makes sense....

Good job, as usual. Your friend should be thrilled!


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I love her attire. Very nice ideas on the little heart charms on her wings and dress trim. Lovely. Happy Valentines Day.

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