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Added: Feb 22, 2004
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A mage deeply versed in the magics of life and death, Llothiel followed the way of Balance--until demons stole the souls of his wife and child. Now he hunts for them ceaselessly, even to the darkest regions of hell...

A poser figure render, painted in PSP8. Originally done in 2003.

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Very nice piece Marie Rosé, I really think you hit the shadow and highlight strengths on this - great atmosphere

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks for the comment! The light over his hand is a spell he is casting, probably a will-o-wisp of some sort. Smile

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I like the textures. It's a really nice touch, the background and his expression. I like it. His pose and the little light in his hand. What is that btw?

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great drawing, but hes evil lookin, ima use him on yahoo in my pro ^_^

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Wow Marie the pallet is wonderful especially the skin tones. I love everything about it but the hands really grab me. ekk...pardon the pun...but they are awesome hands.

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This is doubtless one of your better works. The pose and atmosphere are great, but the pinks, blues and grey-green tones of the skin are really nice.

gyrfalcontg's picture

I snuck it in while you weren't looking... Wink

gyrfalcontg's picture

I got a comment from another friend of mine who said "I feel like I'm going to hurt myself on his chin!" Wink But thank you for the comments. The background shows the interior of his "house", an earthen dwelling underneath a grove of ancient trees. It is inhabited by spiders and salamaders and other creatures of the ground and forest, with whom he can speak, and it is lit by phosphorescent fungi and will-o-wisps.

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Ooh, I hadn't seen you'd submitted this one. This is my favorite of your portraits. I always loved the enchanted background in it almost as much as the subject himself.

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This is really marvellous. the skin tones are lovely and the clothing is unbelievably real. Just one criticism about his chin. It's a little too prominent and/or long. The background is fabulous.

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Thank you! This is one of my own characters and I tried very hard to capture how complex he is.

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This is just stunning! I love the expression on his face, the sadness in his eyes tempered by steel. Fabulous!

Art at its best.