jack-of-all-tricks by snuurg


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 24, 2004
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Mett-Aa the Fox, trickster and rogue and sometime practiser of small magiks, accompanied here by his animated puppets and crow familiar.

sculpture height 220mm / 8" approx, plaster cast from plasticene original

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snuurg's picture

- yeah, have to admit that always bothered me too after I first finished the guy way back when - it's pretty much as per the way a fox's mouth actually looks/works/whatever, but it really needs maybe a bit of the cheek hanging over it or something...it looks better in its fully-appreciable three dimensions, but hey, what can y' do?

- anyway, thanks for looking in and commenting!

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Hey Jo! Woohaaa, a new one, or at least a new jack to me! Excellent as always! Way cool, crow, doll and fox! The colores are outstanding! The only thing I would say that was a bit off, is the mouth on the fox. To me it seems a bit to much just like a black line. Dono if it's just me, but hey, anyway, love it man! More more! Laughing out loud

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wow, he's so detailed and life like. i loves his eyes

snuurg's picture

- thanks, Lauren - glad to be found!

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ah, he just makes me grin. I always like finding good sculpture galleries on epi

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- thanks, would've replied sooner but I couldn't get into epilogue for some reason, probably this firewall malarkey, I dunno - but anyway, much appreciated...

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Art at its best.