Fulto Brim by snuurg

Fulto Brim

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Added: Oct 01, 2004
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...so anyway, apparently the apes aren't that popular as a subject for anthropomorph-ification, supposedly because there's not a lot of point to it since they're practically there already in terms of the hands and more-or-less upright stance: personally I prefer to think that should allow the apes to be a slightly more advanced form of the same kind of 'evolution' - since they've already got most of the hard work done, they'd be able to concentrate their energies on becoming the brainiacs of the anthro world (not least since they're theoretically advanced in that department too) rather than mucking about trying to figure out how much their golf-swing / sword-grip (etc.) has been improved by the development of an opposable thumb...

- aaaaannyway - this one's a bit of a cheat, in that it's a re-vamp of an older sculpt I did - he used to have a little lizard sitting on his carry-bag, which I actually didn't like that much; I'd been meaning to do something about it for a while or two, when my hand was forced somewhat by the fact the big orange git went and fell of his shelf and smashed his face and arm off - necessitating some understandable repairs, and opening up the while I'm at it clause that basically involved bashing it one with a chisel to knock the little scaly sod off his perch.

Thus did Fulto become a born-again druid of Mother Uurth, and here he is now having a potter-about through the woods doing all the druid-type stuff that druids get up to...

- figure is about 8"/200mm tall

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LOL! Jo...you are killin' me! Love your description!

Art at its best.