Songgryphon's Dreams by songgryphon

Songgryphon's Dreams

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 11, 2004
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Original size: 50cm x 39cm

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Guest's picture

cmon, he just looks like my little cat sleeping! with the same white mark on the stomach, sooo cute...
you had a cat as model, right? if yes, what king of cat it was?

windfalcon's picture

Wow...those are quite possibly the cutest gryphons I have EVER seen. They are sooo snuggly looking, and the one with its back towards us looks positively comfy. Wonderful work, and I adore the grayish palette!

songgryphon's picture

Hehehe, thank you! *wishes they would fly around her all the time*

Guest's picture

:: lays down on my tummy and pets them...:: hehehe nice work!

songgryphon's picture

*looks happy and proud* Smile

songgryphon's picture

Yeah, it's the same with me, everytime I read something is real media I like it better in the first place. Wink Thank you Janeen!

songgryphon's picture

*lol* Thank you Jenny!

songgryphon's picture

Hi Johanna! I'll take more care about the wings next time I paint those critters, thank you! Smile
Your choice of pictures for Epilogue is excellent btw. ^.^ But you know what? Every time I want to click on the pet-unicorn-picture it doesn't show up.

songgryphon's picture

Thank you Nicci! I'll have to become better though, to get more of my stuff allowed into Epilogue.

songgryphon's picture

Hahaha, a fluffy rubbable little tummy, indeed! *likes that word rubbable though has no idea if it exists* Thanks Ingrid!

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It is simply beautiful!

madagascart's picture

Soooo cute! the fur and wings look very real, and I love that it's oil!=)

gruffin's picture

awww! eek! cute! *scampers about*

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You are here?! Of course you are here with those little songgryphons. I haven't seen these adorable creatures before. I see you have kept your dark 'renessance' style I love so much. This one is good; I like the way you have divided the space and used not too much irrelevant details. Although there is a difficult area where the gryphons's heads meet: to me it seems that they melt together. On the other hand the tails are great. There is a true aspect of depth and 3-dimensionality. If you continue doing there bird creatures, why not putting some time on wings? Perfectly done wings would be the crown on top of your paintings!

-Johanna I-J

Ps. I'm putting up a gallery here too, but I can't deside witch paintings to upload. Any suggestions?

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They are so cute! I love the brushing effect you used to create the fur/feather thing. It looks so real! I love all of your work so far, keep it up.


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*wants to rub his tummy*

Art at its best.