Undaunted by shinsei19


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 18, 2004
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A pursuit down the walls of a blizzard-stricken valley finds our heroine undaunted as she hunts her prey. Graphite and pastel pencil with digital coloring/treatment.

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Guest's picture

one of the finest pics i have ever seen

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I just love the atmosphere and the feeling in your pictures, the colour is great to,, good job man =)

francisco's picture

Very powerful piece...so full of energy
and once again great talent.

shinsei19's picture

Krisi, thank you Smile I was hoping I could, well, come close to conveying that hehe ^_^.. And to the guest, thank you very much. The coloring is a combination of, well, a lotta digital funk-faking haha. I duplicate the original image a lot and tinker with blending modes in photoshop, also doing cuts and dropping flats/gradations for emphasized areas of color, and finally adjusting the hue/saturation to my (at the time) liking. All in all, my old roomate would call this "Faking the Funk™" ^_^

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I really love ur style! its freakin awsome! how do u color it? these are bad ass. ill be checking up to see updates MUST HAVE MORE

kizalon's picture

beautiful! this has alot of power and feeling. Really nice work =)

shinsei19's picture

Wladislav, my thanks Smile It's just, ah, too much coffee and that blank page...

Man, I gotta get crackin' on more stuff now... hehe Smile

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

nekosch's picture

Guess I've found new favourit artist here. The motion and perspective on your pictures are just stunning. I'll be watching your gallery for new great works!

estel's picture

Just checked out your hp. Your imagination must be really superb, many of your creatures are freaking great and individual. Your technique is also great. However your anime pics are rather something I'll hang up on my wall Wink
I also found the other version of this pic. And I like this one better for the light source is not that strong and the beautiful details come out way better.
Anyway I'm looking forward to see more of your stuff =)

shinsei19's picture

Wladislav, thank you Smile I had a lotta fun getting the atmosphere just right...as I've never really been in a snowstorm like that heh. It's actually a crop from the original, which is posted on my homepage, so if you want to you can compare the two hehe (currently I'm liking this a little more...it's a bit more personal to me..)

estel's picture

I love the design and the pose. A very impressive pic

Art at its best.